Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Review

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’ve read all of the Twilight books and have seen all of the movies that have been released so far. I say this with my head hanging low and wish that I could get most of those hours back. At first I thought the series was getting better with each book, until I got to “Breaking Dawn”. During the middle of this book, I was getting fed up with everything and seriously thought about putting it down and not reading it. Unfortunately, I did finish and recently saw the movie that is no better than the book it was made from. I’m finally to the point that I wish this series would just go away and make room for more interesting and worthwhile books and films.
I’ve never been a fan of the casting of Kristen Stewart for the role of Bella. She just didn’t fit the description of Stephanie Meyer’s heroine. Plus the fact that she seems utterly bored and emotionless in every film of this series. She continues to give us more of the same in “Breaking Dawn: Part 1”. The film begins with the planning of the marriage of Bella and Edward. Most women are at their happiest during the time of their wedding however Ms. Stewart acts as if she is being forced to marry and wouldn’t know happiness if it hit her in the face. Also, the chemistry between her and Robert Pattinson’s Edward is non-existent. I know that they are married in real life, but you would never know it by their lack of passion on screen.
The only other thing that happens in this film is the conception and pregnancy between the very human Bella and the vampire Edward. They finally consummate their relationship while on their honeymoon and Bella becomes pregnant. The rest of the film is then spent on the pregnancy itself, much like the book does. Why they felt the need to break this book up into two films is beyond me. The book literally spends no less than 100 pages on the pregnancy making it the most drawn out literary pregnancy ever (or at least it seems that way). If only they had just made one movie for this book, the movie might have not been too bad, but spending two hours on a wedding and a pregnancy is simply ridiculous.
When news broke that Bill Condon, the incredible director of Dreamgirls, was hired as the director of this two part Twilight film, I had high hopes that these films would be the best in the series. Unfortunately, they’ve given us the weakest film yet. Every character seems to be waiting on what is to come instead of what is currently happening around them. The wolves are determined to kill the vampires for essentially killing Bella by impregnating her and planning on turning her into a vampire after the birth. The vampires are doing everything they can to protect Bella and they don’t care if they hurt or kill the wolves along the way. However, neither group has the guts to cross the line and actually do what they threaten. Maybe it’s because they all know there’s a second movie coming and they don’t want all fun to happen in the first film. It left me frustrated and completely indecisive about whether or not I’ll even see the final film.
The Twilight films have had a number of good moments in them. Nothing great, but not horrible either. Unfortunately they take a step backwards with this film instead of making it better than all the other. These guys need to learn from the creative team behind the Harry Potter series to see how it should be done. I’ll be glad when the Twilight craziness is over and we can get back to real love stories or real vampire stories and not something they tries to be both.

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