Thor: A Movie Review

Just about anyone who knows me well knows that I am a collector of Batman memorabilia and have been a fan of DC Comics for more than 20 years. Sure, I knew about Marvel Comics, and even was an avid reader of the X-Men titles, but I’ve always been a die-hard DC fan at heart. I might be willing to change my mind considering how well Marvel has been producing such incredible movies, TV shows and their comic lines. I bring this up as a lead in to my thoughts on the new Thor film. This is the penultimate movie released before seeing all of the recent Marvel characters brought together in next year’s Avengers movie. This movie is proof positive that Marvel is currently doing everything right and is setting us up for the biggest superhero collaboration of all time and I can’t wait. DC, maybe you should start taking some lessons from Marvel and try the same formula with your films.
I’ll admit that I was incredibly worried about how a Thor film was going to turn out. Of all of the members of the Avengers, Thor is probably the least known and I was worried that it would be campy and Thor would look ridiculous in his over the top costume and helmet. As filming began to start, I started seeing glimmers of hope. Kenneth Branagh was hired as the director and Chris Hemsworth had been hired to play the God of thunder. Everything that I saw or heard since they were hired, gave me hope that we would indeed see a great telling of Thor and his origin and indeed they did not let me down.
I mention Kenneth and Chris primarily because it is because of them that this movie works as well as it does. Just about anyone could have been hired for the supporting cast, however I think if anyone other than Chris had been hired, it wouldn’t have been the same film. He brought charisma, sincerity, strength, charm and honesty to the character that most people would have not captured. It also doesn’t hurt that he is damn fine and complete eye candy for the audience. Then we have the incredible work of the director Kenneth Branagh. This film was tailor made for this actor turned director. Practically everything that Mr. Branagh has directed have been movies about Shakespeare plays. What does that matter you may ask? Well, considering that Thor, Odin, Loki and other characters in this story actually are a part of Norse mythology, the parallels between them and the tales of Shakespeare are countless. This film deals greatly with the power struggle between Odin and Thor, much like the plays of Shakespeare that deal with the English royal family. Thanks to the director we really get to delve into the characters of this father, son and brother to truly see what makes a hero and how a king should govern his people and land.
I honestly couldn’t be happier with this film. What could have been extremely cheesy and worthy of eye-rolling has been turned into a film about legend, royalty, determining your own self-worth, and humility. I can’t wait to see this again and only have two more months left before we see Captain America: The First Avenger and the last film before we get The Avengers on screen next year. Marvel, keep up the good work because I’m really enjoying what you’re doing!

J.Chandler – A-

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