The Amazing Spiderman Movie Review

There is something to be said about the reboot of a franchise. If it weren’t for a reboot, we never would have gotten the epic Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. So I was pretty excited to see the new vision of Spiderman. Don’t get me wrong, I still hold Spiderman 2 as one of the greatest comic films of all time, but that trilogy has passed and it was time to pump some new blood into this iconic character. “The Amazing Spiderman” is a superb beginning to what will surely become another trilogy or saga, and it is yet another prime example of just how incredible Marvel is at bringing their characters to life on the big screen.
This new Spiderman film has a lot going for it to kick off this new film franchise, but the number one thing going for it is their new Spiderman, Andrew Garfield. I totally believe him more as Peter Parker and Spider-man than I ever did Tobey Maguire. His Peter seems to be more street smart, book smart, and is desperately trying to discover himself and the mystery surrounding his parents’ death. His Spiderman is more in line with the Spiderman from the comics. He has a very sharp wit and loves to make amusing conversation with his foes. I’m certain that they found the right person to fill these shoes and look forward to what he does with the character in future movies. Also, Emma Stone makes the perfect Gwen Stacy. The chemistry between Emma and Andrew is very evident on the screen. This film revolves around these two people and every time you see them together they light up the screen.
Additional kudos should go to director Marc Webb. Not only did he make the action sequences exciting, but he also knows that superheroes aren’t just about action but there must be character development. One of the best things about this film is the interactions between all of the characters. I really feel like I know the main characters very well due to this smart script and thoughtful directing. I also like that he kept the camera back during fight scenes so that the audience can actually tell what is going on. The villain of the film is the Dr. Curt Conners, aka the Lizard, played by Rhys Ifans. He does a good job with the character, however it’s a very forgettable performance and could have been explored more than we saw.
The one thing that really bugs me about this movie, and not just this one but any reboot, is that they feel the need to always start with an origin story. Why is this necessary? You would think that at some point the studios would realize that most people know the origin and don’t need to go over it again. I realize that this reboot is doing something different by having a mystery surrounding the death of Peter’s parents, and that’s fine, but they better do something with this throughout this new series or else they are just wasting the audiences’ time. Also, there is another scene that is put in the middle of the credits, which I love it when a film does this (Thank you Marvel!), but from what I could tell, it wasn’t a character that was in this film. What good is an extra scene if it doesn’t let the audience know what to look forward to? The point of adding a scene is to get the audience excited about the next adventure, but it’s hard to get excited about someone that pops up in the shadows and we never know who it is.
I was very much pleased with this new Spiderman flick. I think that everything that needed to be done right was. The casting couldn’t have been more perfect. The use of the 3D really made me feel like I was Spiderman. There’s enough mystery included in the script of this movie that I look forward to seeing them resolved in the future. If history is any indication, the second film could be quite incredible. Remember Spiderman 2?

J.Chandler B+

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