X-Men Apocalypse Final Trailer HD

X-Men Apocalypse Final Trailer HD – Comic Book Culture

X-Men days of future past: Final Trailer

In Theatres May 23rd!

X-Men: First Class – Character sneak peaks!

MTV.com recently posted three character videos for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS – and I must say everything I’m seeing on this film bolsters my confidence in Matthew Vaughn, who has kicked ass with each and every film he’s put out there. I’ve heard that everyone on this film is working and burning the midnight oil – but then – that’s kind of the story for every big film due out this summer.

Hear we’re getting a look at Hank McCoy aka THE BEAST – the only original X-MEN being treated as an original X-MEN and I love in his short character piece seeing how he’s being played. There’s a part of me that always twitches with the changes to the original origins – but at the same time, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m intrigued by how these changes are being handled and portrayed.

Then there’s Alex Summers, HAVOK, Cyclops’ older brother. He is a great character in the comics. Having him there with BEAST also feels great. Because he did feature about mid-run of the original X-MEN series.

Probably the most appropriate X-MEN for this notion of doing a pre-Classic X-MEN team is BANSHEE. In the original Silver-Age stories he was far older than Scott, Bobby, Warren, Hank & Jean. But I loved him for being a Redhead – and kudos on all involved for keeping his lockes that color and keeping him Irish. Anyway – here’s the features:

X-Men First Class Theatrical Movie Trailer!

The release of the X-Men: First Class Theatrical Trailer is now here! Scheduled for release in Theaters June, 3rd, 2011. Yay!