Loose Lips Sink Ships

Although I have TOTALLY loved & enjoyed this season, I was not thrilled with tonight’s episode, HOWEVER, I am still so looking forward to Sunday’s finale!

Six are left, who will be voted out tonight? There are only two heroes left & EVERYONE is left to scramble for new alliances.

Last week’s tribal for Rupert was wonderful & his chances just keep getting better. Back at camp, Parvati talks to everyone about ETR’s scare tactics & his jealousy over the alliance she shared with Danielle. It was funny looking at him at last week’s tribal when Danielle made THE statement about being so close to Parvati. I loved seeing how ETR reacted – he did not even try to hide it. He had one of those “Jekyl & Hyde” moments. He is certainly the biggest villain & Parvati knows it. She still feels the need to keep him around because he can help her get farther in the game. ETR spends some time convincing Parvati that Danielle was trying to throw her under the bus. They do not trust each other but they do both still feel that they need each other….careful, we all know what snakes do.

Tonight was the night when family members came to visit. I always love it when their family visits! It’s emotional & raw & honest. I always drop a few tears & tonight was no different. They receive a box at treemail & in the box is a Sprint phonewith family videos showing who has come to see them. They watch the videos & then see their loved ones face to face. Precious times no doubt but I always think that the survivors must smell really bad! Ha! Next they all compete in a challenge together to see who will get to spend some extended time with family. The survivor runs to the water with a small bucket, returns to the starting point & has to toss the water from a few feet away to their family member. The family member then has to try to catch the water with another bucket & then transfer the water down a ramp & into a larger bucket. When the larger bucket is filled, it triggers a see-saw mechanism & then the bucket drops & the winner is declared. The winners would be heading out on an excursion to see the famous “blow holes” & enjoy a meal together. (side note – I think they are getting too much food…Remember Africa? They didn’t get anything!) I think it was a rather tough challenge & Colby was frustrated beyond belief with his brother. Of course they all wanted to win this challenge – this one was personal. It must have been such a boost to see someone from home. In the end the sure & steady team of Jerri & sister Jennifer won the challenge. Next, Jeff gave Jerri a chance to choose 2 tribe members & family members to enjoy the reward with them. First she chose Parvati & her dad & then Sandra & her uncle. I thought it was interesting that she did not choose ETR. AND he was for sure surprised that she did not choose him. He even walked away saying “She’s in trouble now”. The guys headed back to camp empty handed except for a few sour grapes that ETR carried with him. He was really unhappy that he was not chosen & he spent some time doing what I call “hitching his britches”, talking to the other guys about what he’s going to do next. He is sure that she did not think strategicallly & tbat it was a million dollar decision. ETR wastes no time “flipping” & making a final 3 deal with Rupert & Colby of course they know he’s a snake & to trust him is very dangerous. He admits that he is a villain but that they can still trust him. Rupert thinks he’s the best villain they’ve got & they discuss pulling Jerri into their fold. (too good to be true?)

They all enjoy their reward. Was I the only one thinking that when they were passing that phone around, someone was going to find a hidden message somewhere on it? Jerri was concerned that because she did not choose ETR, she might be in trouble. The other girls assured her that she would be safe because they would protect her.

When they returned to camp, ETR & Colby were asleep so Jerri didn’t get the chance to talk to ETR right away. They all decided to go to sleep except for Rupert. He stayed awake working on firewood. That irritated Jerri to know end & she immediately wanted to target him to go home. She thinks he is inconsiderate & can’t figure out if his motivation is because he’s cocky or because he’s stupid. (She leaned toward stupid) She ends up getting up out of frustration & then she & ETR end up talking. He assures her that he is not made – “Me & you to the top” ETR. He loves it because that means he controls the game because he controls Jerri. His next thought is that he hopes one of the guys wins immunity & then he can deal with Jerri right before the vote.

The immunity challenge was once again a test of endurance. Ugh! They had to stand with their arms out & hold 2 poles on the tops of their hands against overhead boards. The winner of this challenge assures themselves a secured spot in the final 5. Even a slight loss of concentration puts you out of the game. I was stunned when just 15 seconds in, Colby lost focus & dropped a pole & was out of the running. Sandra was out next, followed by ETR, & then Jerri. The last 2 competitors were Parvati & Rupert. I could not take it! I really wanted Rupert to win. I held my breath, I yelled at the TV, I peeked through my fingers & then I was totally let down when Rupert dropped out. So…Parvati won & I wanted to cry…..alas it is what it is.

ETR starts chatting about what will happen next & he speaks of “flipping” & going after Rupert. Sandra talks to Rupert about going after ETR & then Rupert goes to ETR with Sandra’s plan. Of course then ETR confronts Sandra about what Rupert has “spilled”. (NOTE – This is when Rupert made his fatal error) ETR wanted to know from Sandra if she was with him or if she was against him – she told him right to his face that she was against him. They both speak of feeling safe but ETR’s crazy eyes scared me a little bit. Sandra commented to Rupert that “Loose lips, sink ships” & he wholeheartedly agreed with her. I thought it was hilarious when they asked ETR (in reference to his with me or against me comment) “Who invited Boston Rob back to the party?”. Ha!!! He didn’t think it was funny but I sure did! Jerri also did not think it was funny & she was sure that camp was turning into Crazy Town because they were pushing ETR’s buttons. Again, I loved it! ETR lets Sandra know he’ll be gunning for her. He’s sure he’s running everything. AND Sandra is so confident that she thinks she may not even play her hidden immunity idol – that is bold! (Last time she can play it, sure thinking she should.)

At tribal council, Sandra immediately sells out Rupert. It’s interesting how there are times when it is still tribal alliances & other times, the teams are turning on each other. Anyone really believe that Parvati is a hero on the inside? I thought it was a good idea that Sandra played the idol since it was the last time it could be played & she did not want to go home iwth the idol in her bra. Ha! The votes came down to Sandra & Rupert. Of course Rupert went home. He knew it immediately when Sandra played the idol that he would be the one to go. He even started gathering his things. I am going to say that I am disappointed that he is gone. I love Rupert & even though I know he probably didn’t “deserve” to win, he’s got heart & I love heart. A moment of silence please………

And then there were 5. The next few days will have them battling it out for the title of sole survivor – Heroes vs Villains.

Next time – SUNDAY – during the 2 hour finale, the war between Heroes & Villains will end. It should be interesting to see the interaction between Parvati & ETR. She tells him that she’s always been his girl & evidentally he calls her a liar.

Until next time, I have spoken. Randi