Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Courtesy of Ron Davis.

Captain-America_510Ok folks, fresh off the grill here is my review on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I think this is Marvel’s most thematically deep movie so far. It’s equal parts superhero, action and thriller. The moral questions that are asked in this film are very pertinent to the discussions that we see on our tv’s, read in our newspapers and hear on our radios. There are moments of humor but not really anything that takes you out of the film because its an obvious comedic set piece. I thought the choreography of the fight scenes were incredible. This is how I always imagined Cap’s fights flowed in the comics and some of the shots are exact reproductions of scenes in the comics. The screenplay for this movie is an original story that incorporates thematic elements from the classic Ed Brubaker run in the comics. It is a great screenplay and is very complimentary to the source material. My favorite sequences were the opening sequence and fight with Batroc (they did a great job of referencing the costume that Batroc wears in the comics). The scene in the Smithsonian Museum is also well done. The cast is impeccable and it was really a treat to see Robert Redford chewing the scenery with Samuel L. Jackson. Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansen have a great chemistry and Anthony Mackie is a wonderful addition to the ensemble. There are several easter eggs for Marvel Fans. True Believers will be happy to see Cap visit Peggy Carter at one point and will be excited to see Sharon (Agent 13) introduced in this film. I think the score to this film is superior to the first film and found it very enjoyable. WARNING: There are 2 (TWO) tag endings in the credit. The first occurs mid credits and provides some easter eggs for Avengers 2. The 2nd tag ending occurs at the very end of the credits and is an update on The Winter Soldier. A great, well thought out film and possibly the best superhero film since The Dark Knight. GO SEE IT!