The Last Airbender in 3D Official Trailer!

Here is the lastest official trailer for the upcoming summer smash “The Last Airbender.” I’m so excited I could just piss myself. :-)

9 – Movie Review by J. Chandler

Animation today is so completely different than what I grew up with. I watched movies like “The Fox and the Hound”, “Peter Pan”, “The Jungle Book”, heck, just about every Disney movie you can think of. Now we have computer animation, stop motion animation, 3D animated films and the incredible world of Pixar. Most of these movies are still geared towards kids, but some can be enjoyed by adults. Very rarely do you find an animated movie that is meant mainly for adults. The new movie “9” I believe is something that the older generation would enjoy more than their children would.
9 is a story set in the future in which machines not only battle humans for control, but completely decimate the human race. Like I said, not necessarily a kids movie. Before all of the humans are killed, one professor makes 9 small figures that he transfers part of his soul into in hopes to bring them to life before he dies. He hopes that these figures will carry on the history and some semblance of life to the planet. After the 9th one is created, the professors dies along with the rest of the human race.
Each figure has their own personality and look and they all have a part of the professor in them. One has his strength, another has his wisdom, one his sense of adventure, and another has inherited his scientific mind. They all find each other and realize that they need to band together to stay alive and safe from all of the violent machines that wiped out the humans. It is quite a creative premise and imaginative story. The visuals are absolutely mind blowing and some of the mechanical creatures they have created creeped me out. I can’t imagine what kids thought of them. My only issue was that I wanted more of the back story. How did the professor think up the creation of these figures? How was he able to imbue them with part of his soul? The movie was only an hour and nineteen minutes so they could have spent some more time fleshing out the back story a little further.
All in all, this was quite the creative film and unlike anything I’ve seen before in the animation world. It reminded me of anime however it wasn’t quite as stylized as they are but it certainly was more creative than most animated, and even some live action, films that we get in the States. Prepared to be visually dazzled and let your imagination grow with the possibilities.