Survivor: Turnabout is Fairplay & A Sinking Ship!!

20th1.jpg”>First of all, I have had my own sort of Survivor experience – Disney World!!! It was a non-stop crazy time! I loved every minute of it & I would do it again in a minute! Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot Center & Animal Kingdom – Wow! Crazy fun!!!

4/29 – Turn About is Fair Play (Just a short recap of last week & then on with tonight’s amazing episode!)

Colby & Rupert feel quite defeated as they see that the villains are truly in charge & that they will be gone in a matter of time.

ETR immediately questions Parvati’s moves & sees what she did as a big ol’ lie. That could be bad for her. ETR thinks he’s the godfather of the game but I wonder if he’ll be able to be in control.

Amanda & Rupert talk about trying to break up the villains – they see Sandra as their only hope.

ETR goes after Candice for a final 6 deal. He’s trying to build numbers to pick off the heroes ones at a time. Really Candice, a FINAL 6 DEAL??? Final 6? Is that really good enough?

The challenge was Survivor Shuffle – like shuffle board. They were split up into teams of 3 & took turns sliding disks down to an X on the board – closest to the center wins! They played for some luxury – food, movie, relaxation, & a clue to the hidden idol. In the end, the team of Colby, Danielle & Amanda won. They were off to a location where Robert Louis Stevenson frequented to write. They enjoyed some food & then watched Treasure Island. The entire time, the girls were looking for a clue to the idol. Danielle ended up finding the clue in the popcorn & drops it on the floor beside her to try to hide it. Amanda saw her do it so she grabbed it & then they scuffled over it. Are you kidding me??? Colby had no idea what was going on & told them, “I was watching Treasure Island”. In the end I had to laugh out loud because Colby told Amanda to give it back to Danielle & she did. It was like watching 2 kids fighting & the dad ends it.

I was amused when they got back to camp & Danielle told her people the story of the clue. She let them know that she “wrestled her to the ground & ripped it out of her hand”. Ummmm, really? Did I miss something? Did I doze off? I didn’t see any of that, did y’all? I saw you whine to Colby & then he told her to give it back – waaaa!!!!!!!!

They look for the idol & ETR – the king of hidden immunity idols finds it. He hides it & does not tell – hmmmm – turn about? fair play? He does decide to tell Candice in hopes that it will secure her allegiance to him. He tells her to stick with him & he’ll take her places.

Sandra & Colby talk about what has happened & wants to align with the others. They think Danielle has the idol. Danielle can’t keep her mouth shut so ETR knows that Sandra is waivering & decides to confront her – I mean decides to threaten her. Sandra knows that she must flip if there is any hope to send ETR home. She & Rupert talk & he knows to not trust ETR.

Immunity Challenge – Use 150 tiles to build a house of cards 10 feet high for immunity. ETR & Jerri were neck & neck but Jerri wins it by seconds. (I loved that Jerri was described as the female Boston Rob) Ha!

Candice decides to dance with the enemy & then was put in the situation to prove her loyalty to them by voting for Amanda. Rupert & Colby are none too happy with Candice for putting them back to square 1 in a matter of 3 minutes. They decide to blame her for everytingif things don’t go their way. I was also very impressed when Sandra just talked right back to ETR when he wouldn’t just let her talk to Candice. Wow! She’s one tough cookie.

The vote was no real surprise but I was sad that Sandra did not flip. In the end – ETR played the idol on himself & Amanda went home. Parvati was not happy with ETR because he wasted the idol. Interesting. So – the villains are not one big happy family.

Tonight’s show….A Sinking Ship

I LOVED tonight’s episode – it had me on the edge of my seat!

Tonight’s episode started out showing that only one thing is for certain – anyone who targets ETR finds themselves blindsided. He achieved his goals with lies & deception. The only one to cross him & survive thus far was Sandra.

Candice flipped last week & it forced Sandra to rejoin the villains.

Tonight there was to be 2 tribal councils & 2 to go home.

It was interesting to see Jerri want to target Candice for flipping to their side so fast. The heroes now also view her as weak & hold her responsible for putting them out on a sinking ship.

I got a kick out of Rupert describing ETR as possibly worse than Johnny Fairplay. (He has no idea – ETR is like Fairplay raised by hillbilly wolves) I loved seeing Rupert call him out in front of everyone at camp. He’s right, swear on your kids & then call it game play usually does lead to your demise. ETR just describes himself as a villain & then insults Rupert. He tells him to “pack his stuff because he’s going home”.

Immunity – Stand barefoot on a perch with you hand tethered to a bucket of colored water over your head. As time passes, Jeff brings out food & they each have the opportunity to quit & eat. Immediately when Jeff brings out a covered plate, Sandra & ETR say they want it. They did not even know that it was milk & cookies when they quit. I was stunned! Next was donuts & ice coffee & Colby wasted no time jumping ship. Again, I was stunned. Then came pb&j, chips, candy & milk – Danielle, Candice, & Jerri went for it. It was then down to Parvati & Rupert in the finals. I thought they would be there for so long. I was once again so surprised when Rupert lost his focus & dropped, giving the victory to Parvati. Bummer! He was totally bummed & just knows that he’s going home while Parvati secures herself a 1 in 7 shot that she will win for the 2nd time. At the end of the challenge, Jeff read a clue to a hidden immunity idol. They then all head back to camp to look for the idol.

When they get back to camp, they all run around like crazy searching for the idol. In the end, Sandra finds it & hides it in a new location. She does not tell anyone that she has found it. Rupert decides to place a “fake idol” in his pocket to make everyone think he has the idol. He purposely walks by ETR so that he will “take the bait” & think that he has the idol. They talk about splitting the vote & flushing out the idol from Rupert. Rupert & Colby keep their fingers crossed, hoping that they can tilt the split vote. I loved it!

At tribal council, Rupert & Colby make it perfectly clear that they are the only 2 Heroes left. Candice tries to dig herself out of the hole by saying that the numbers for voting Amanda out were already there. They did not buy that & jumped all over her for trying to show then smoke & mirrors. Then she says that she would have ended up going down on a sinking ship & this way she has a chance at the final 6. They both could have had more respect for her if she had said that to start with.

When it was time for the vote, Jeff asked for the idol & Rupert reached for his leg. Of course he did not have the idol. When the vote came down, Candice went home & Rupert was saved – REDEMPTION! “he lesson here was it is a risky move when you betray trust in order to gain trust.” Jeff

Back at camp, ETR was upset because he felt that they had blown it. He decided that the girls let their hearts get involveed. He ended up arguing with them about it. He is starting to feel like he is not fully in control. He says that he & Parvati are equally in control but he’s planning to take control again.

2nd immunity challenge – They start off by racing to dig up a peg & then use it to solve a table maze. The first 5 to finish the maze would move to the next round. (Rupert, Sandra, ETR, Parvati & Danielle), The 2nd round was using 4 pegs to climb a wall – 1st 3 would move to the next round. (ETR, Rupert & Parvati) The final round was to solve a slide table puzzle. In the end, it was very close but ETR won. Even though I know that ETR is a fantastic player, I just really want Rupert to stick around. Rupert was so sad to lose – he looks at how far he’s come & he’s still coming up short. He knows that the lie of a rock in his pocket ain’t gonna save him tonight.

Parvati enjoys ETR’s victory. She announces that the Villain-vasion has happened & that the heroes are gone. All 5 are together, or are they? ETR seems to have a problem with Danielle & Parvati being so close, he really wants to bust them up. So in true ETR style, he does his best to spin everyone around in circles so they will be too mixed up to question him. He does the ol’ “she said, she said” routine with Parvati & Danielle. Ummmm – you really didn’t think they were going to talk? Silly ETR. He even threatens Parvati when she says she’s going to talk to Danielle. I know that they can’t vote ETR out when he has immunity but why don’t they turn on him when he does not have immunity?

ETR is getting a little desperate. He talks to the Heroes. The Super Scramble begins & Jerri gets in the mix as well. ETR then threatens her – “You’ll be next”. Wow! He’s on it!
At tribal council, Jeff asks Rupert who is running the show? Rupert tells him that he is not sure – he thinks ETR or Parvati. Danielle tries to convince – um – I guess everyone that the villains make all of their decisions together. Jeff then comments that it must be so peaceful around camp if they all get along so well. Ha! Turns out they aren’t one big happy family. Next they decide to call out ETR at tribal for trying to pit then against each other. Oh, the arguing!!! Danielle’s crying was totally getting to me. Danielle, ETR & Parvati were totally falling apart. And then there was the “final straw” comment from Danielle, “I’m closer to Parvati than you think”. “Oh, really?” – ETR. Hmmm – did you really think that was the best thing to say?? Way to reopen the wounds.

When it came time for the vote, I just was not sure how it would land. It was between Rupert & Danielle. I totally loved it when in the end, Danielle got the votes & headed over to the Ponderosa. Parvati was not happy about Danielle leaving. She told ETR “That’s messed up”. It just keeps getting better & I wonder which one will end up with the cash.

Jeff’s parting words – Villains are not one happy family, Colby & Rupert live to see another day & it is anybody’s game.

Next time – Again ETR wants everyone to know that they are either with him or against him. (Sandra lets him know that she is against him.)He then tries to turn the heroes to the dark side & end up as the final 3. Hmmmm…that could work.

Until next time, I have spoken, Randi

PS I am too tired to edit so just correct it as you read……

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