Survivor Nicaragua

This is Nicaragua – remote & dangerous: 20 Americans on the adventure of a lifetime for 39 days, ended with 1 sole survivor.
I do not think Jimmy Johnson will last long but I do love that he is there! He’ll have some fun things to say. I loved that they thought they were already divided when they were hiking to their destination.

The medallion of power should make things interesting. Jeff sends them to find it & the one returning with it gains an advantage for their tribe. It is in a tree & Brenda ended up climbing up after it. It was funny that her supposed tribe was already celebrating their victory. Ha! They all seemed a little stunned when Jeff announced the new way they would be divided into tribes. 2 tribes – 40+ tribe (Espada) & 30 & under (La Flor) tribe. Laughed out loud when Jimmy Johnson said he was hoping that some of those young people would be carrying him. Also hilarious that one of the young guys said that “the antiques have the best coach” in Jimmy Johnson.

When it came time for Brenda to decide about the Medallion of Power, she along with her tribe decide to trade it for fire & fishing gear. That meant that the other tribe would then gain possession of the medallion. From what I understand the medallion will pass back & forth between tribes.

Jimmy J. talks about on all of his other adventures he’s been in charge. This time he plans to scout everyone & then decide whether he should highlight his star status or lay low. He’ll play whatever card he needs to play.

Wendy Jo, the goat rancher is amusing & immediately forms an alliance with Holly.

I was impressed with Jane the dog trainer with the old tribe being able to start the fire with glasses.

The young guys were making me laugh when they were talking about making sure a man wins this time.

The La Flor tribe (Young) cracked me up talking about their hilarious “goofball”, Fabio. He will boo good for some laughs.

I was a little surprised at how the tribe reacted to the amputee. She’ll be gone soon because they are afraid that she will have the sympathy vote.

Espada – Jimmy J. is puking because he maybe overdid it. They aren’t sure if he’s up for an academy award or genuinely sick. They are definitely going to question his every move. He was feeling rough with no sleep, throwing up, bug bites & freezing all night. He talked about watching every minute of the other seasons & still not knowing just how miserable it would be.

Watch Brenda, she’ll be using her “Parvati skills”.

Alina & Kelley B (Young) found the clue to the hidden idol & decide to keep it a secret.

Jimmy J. spent some time motivating his tribe before heading to the challenge. He lets them know that he won’t win the money but he will help one of then win it. His pep talk ended with “We’ll kick their a**”.

Couldn’t help but notice how cocky the young ones were when they arrived at the challenge – choreography & everything. Just for a moment, I wished they would fail. Loved that Jimmy J. said they were just going to concentrate on what they need to do.

Immunity challenge – one person on top of tower to pour water, another group to hold gutters to guide the water to the bucket. The dropped bucket releases a bag of puzzle pieces. The final group is to put together the puzzle. At the beginning of the challenge, the old tribe had a chance to use their medallion of power to gain an advantage. They decide not to use it this time. They were hoping to send a message to the young tribe.

The young led early but the old were close behind until the puzzle pieces fell. At that point the young took over & sealed the deal. The old would be going to tribal tonight. Bummer.

I was just sure that Jimmy J. would be going home tonight. Loved his football analogy to help with the idea of their loss.

Did Jimmy T say he was only 48??? Finding that hard to believe. I did love Jimmy J’s talk about voting off the weakest player to keep their tribe as strong as possible. He even went so far as to say that he may be the weakest player. Wow! I believe he is really playing the game.

When word on the street was that Wendy Jo might go, Holly started to rethink her alliance.

Tribal wasn’t too exciting – it never is this early on. Jimmy T. is showing signs that he may be a little bit crazy. It is going to frustrate him to just be another player. Wendy Jo knows that she does not connect with the others but wants them to know that at home she’s known as a chatterbox & asks Jeff if she can appeal to the group & sell herself before the vote. I loved Jeff’s dramatic stop & sit back down so she could have her say. HA! AND she wanted everyone to know that she did not have any blisters on her feet. Isn’t that like saying you don’t sweat much for a fat chick? I’m just saying –
The vote revealed that this tribe may have some unity as they all voted to send home the goat rancher – Wendy Jo. I do believe that I will miss that jacket with the fringe.

Next time – Fatigue makes the mind weak, someones shoes are filled with sand & thrown into the water & Jeff is suprised at tribal more that he has been in 21 seasons by the reaction to his opening questions. Wow! Can’t wait!
Until next time, I have spoken, Randi

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