Survivor Nicaragua: “Fatigue Makes Cowards of All of Us” Vince Lombardi

For the RECORD – I am LOVING me some Jimmy Johnson. Know he won’t make it to the end but sure hoping he’ll hang in for a while!

19 are left – who will go home tonight?

The whole Young vs Old thing has me really pulling for the oldies. I try to keep an open mind but they have my heart right now. Does it seem that the oldies are mesmerized by Jimmy J.? (I totally would be as well.)

I could not believe that Holly already seems to be “losing it”. Sure seems to early to come across that nutty. She does not seem able to deal with the pressure – especially the pressure of voting out her alliance last week.

The Oldies are having trouble sleeping so they decide, during their morning meeting, that they needed to work on their shelter. Seeing Jimmy J. in full “Coach” mode made me nervous. We all know that stepping out there as a leader puts a target on your back. In all fairness, I don’t think he can help it – a coach is a coach is a coach. Jimmy J. – watch Jimmy T. because he isn’t impressed by you. When he offers up the suggestion to fish, he was shot down immediately & that really caused him to pout. Can’t handle it when anyone acts like a baby. No one wanted to follow his suggestion.

Young – Naonka & Sash form a minority alliance & are hoping to bring along Brenda – the Asian Sensation. They discuss the idea of sending Kelly B packing when they get the chance because they think her missing leg gives her the sympathy vote in the end. Naonka is just waiting for a reason to send her home.

I was really worried about Holly as she was losing it over the snails. She snapped at Jill & they were all stunned by her bizarre behavior. She has painted a picture of herself as mentally unstable. After she stormed off due to the inedible snails, I wondered if she would come back at all. She was totally hacked at Dan for making fun of her so she decided to take his alligator shoes from his bag, fill them with sand & put them in the water. Wow! That was a bold move! Of course I don’t know who is crazier – Holly for doing that or Dan for bringing $1600.oo shoes to Nicaragua! Duh! Can’t believe she thought that act was a “payback” for something! Does anyone else think she might be hearing “extra voices”? I was also surprised that she decided to come clean with Dan about the shoes. Could you even believe it? AND did it crack you up that Jimmy T stepped up to accept her apology & offer forgiveness? Dan was sure he was not going to offer forgiveness and even said that if she had been a guy he would have hit her. THE FUNNIEST line of the night was from Tyrone – He said that she just got stranger & stranger so he was going to keep one eye on her & one eye on his shoes. HILARIOUS!!!

The fact that Naonka is a teacher is embarassing to me. She went crazy thinking that someone stole one of her socks. Her solution? Steal Fabio’s extra pair of socks. That did not go well with Fabio & the high school drama started. There is no love between the two of them & they can’t wait vote each other off.

JJ ended up talking to Holly about her “mental game”. He tries to convince her that she can hang in there – at least for one more day. She is not sure that she can. He equated her to a football player who wanted to quit the team. He asks her to do what they need her to do. She isn’t sure if her emotional meltdown with help or hurt her in the long run.

Challenge – Teams had to race through a mud pit on their stomachs to a pile of hay, look for a ball & take it to the mat. Once all 4 balls were on the mat they then used shields to pass bounce it all the way to the barrel & in it. The first tribe to 4 would win immunity & reward – a choice between fishing gear or a tarp & rope. The oldies decided to use their Medallion of Power this time. (Good idea!) Because they used the MOP, they got to start the game with a ball already in their barrel. During the contest – JJ was the only oldie that beat a young’un. For a little bit, I thought the oldies were going to lose it. The contest was tight but in the end, thanks to the advantage, the oldies got the victory. “Old School Rules!” & they decided to get the fishing gear.

The young tribe was headed to tribal tonight. They were so surprised that they did not dominate tonight.

The oldies did well & the win gave them a boost of confidence that they needed. When they opened their fishing gear, they found a clue for a hidden idol. They could not figure out the clue at first but they it came clear to Jill & she decided to offer the clue to Marty. When they found it he said “I” got the idol & then changed it to “we” got the idol. Hmmm – I think it was a brilliant idea that Jill had to share the clue but we’ll see if Marty stays true in the end.

the craziness ran rampant in the young camp. I could hardly keep up with all the scrambling between Chase, Brenda, & Shannon. The alliances start second guessing already.

Tribal – I could not believe how nutty it was when Jeff asked Shannon how much more difficult the experience was than he thought it would be. He immediately described it as brutal & wasted no time sending am message straight out to Chase & his “girlfriend”, Brenda. Wow! Jeff said in 21 seasons he had never seen such an explosive opening tribal.
Shannon could not hold anything in & I have a feeling that his “flapping jaw” sealed his fate. He simply could not keep his mouth shut & I was not sad that they voted him off especially after his “gay” comments. He dug his own hole. He did it to himself. I usually write down 2 names when they go to vote but this time I didn’t because I just was not sure when all was said & done. So long, Shannon.

I could not have said it better myself – “It is very clear, the biggest threat to this tribe is the tribe itself”. They are their own worst enemy for sure.

Next time – La Flor makes a game changing decision & JJ talks to the monkeys. AND Naonka looks to be out of control when she says that she’ll push KB so hard her leg will fall off. Oh My!

Until next time, I have spoken, Randi

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