Survivor: Hook Line and Sinker!

So…I was finally able to watch Survivor online tonight. I worked so hard not to know the outcome before watching it – went all day without finding out & then when I got to the site tonight to watch it, I couldn’t help but notice… So…I knew who was out ahead of time & even though it was no surprise, it gives you a skewed perspective while you are watching it all go down.

Let’s just get one thing straight – Russell (Evil Troll Russell) is a villain, no need to discuss it, he is a villain or a snake or a weasel. We all know it. He is also a very good player. It’s like a friend of mine said, “Liking Russell is like having a crush on your cousin, you know you shouldn’t but you do anyway”. (That makes me laugh everytime I think about it.) I also think that even though ETR is a villain & an insane player, this episode did not have him driving the tribe. He had his moments but he wasn’t really the star.

Because the teams started the evening with a 5-5 tribe member tie, the real battle has just started. Who will be voted out tonight? (Cue the music!)

Heroes – It’s day 25 & they are all waiting for something to happen. A box showed up at treemail for the heroes along with a note saying not to open it until company arrived with a key. Ummm, 1 guess who the company was…yep, those darn villains. Turns out they received the key & a map to head over to the hero camp. Before hitting the trail to head over to the new merge camp, the villains decide to finalize what they will tell the heroes about what went down at tribal with the hidden idol JT sent over. It seems they thought of every detail – except that Sandra would be hiding in the trees listening to every word. (Note to self, she’s a villain for a reason too.)

The villains head over to the hero camp with Parvati & ETR – the king & queen leading the way. They both still have idols at this point but the heroes assume that there are no idols left in play. At first they are stunned to see Parvati still in the game & think that ETR has been sent packing. They open the box to see food, new buffs, & supplies to make a flag with their new tribe name. It was a little bit funny how upset Rupert was when Jerri suggested that they be called ALL VILLAINS. He thought they should choose something good & positive & even though I agree with him, it’s funny to think back to his original season & remember when he stole shoes to trade from the other tribe. One might think he could have been a villain at one time – I’m just saying. I believe Colby should have stuck with his original idea that they are still 2 tribes because no matter what, they still are – make no bones about it.

ETR does his best to spin the tribal council tale for Rupert & JT. I must admit that he was fairly convincing until he did the ol’ “I swear on my kids” line. Why do they do that? Sends up a red flag every time. He tells them that he is on board with them all the way. Poor JT is captivated by his “country boy charm”. Rupert does a little trip in his mind & wonders even if for just a moment that ETR just might not be telling the truth – hmmmm… ETR is sure that they are buying his story – “Hook, Line & Sinker”, biting everything he’s telling them.

Too bad Sandra didn’t get to Rupert earlier so that he would have had a better chance to convince JT that ETR should not be trusted. She works quickly to get the truth out & let’s him know that some forgive & forget but she never does. she describes ETR as the King Pin & Parvati as his right hand man. She’s surely looking for revenge & wants him to know that the women ar not running the show. Again, Rupert pauses to wonder if they are getting played or not. This is certainly where the game gets crazy.

Rupert hatches a plan to just see if perhaps ETR is telling the truth. After all, “he’s on the villain side for a reason”. They decide that they will go along with ETR until the last minute, then change their votes. JT & Amanda trust ETR but agree to go along with Rupert’s paranoia. JT is convinced that he needs to be making all of Rupert’s strategic decisions. He asks Rupert, “Do you believe Sandra OR the obvious truth?”. JT feels secure.

Amanda talked to Parvati & works hard to make her believe that she is in danger. I am afraid that Amanda way over-acted that one. Parvati spotted to lies from a mile away. She let’s her know that she is targetting Sandra & trying to save her. They share a secret handshake & an “I trust you”. (Again with the trust – I know y’all have seen the game before – heck you even played it at least one other time!)

They decide that their new name will be Yin Yang, but the truth is you know that they are still tribes divided.

Immunity challenge – individual immunity – up for grabs! They had to climb to the top of a pole with foot grooves evenly spaced all the way down. They were to hang onto that pole for as long as they could. Last one hanging would receive individual immunity. They all started falling almost immediately – Colby, Sandra, ETR, Rupert, Amanda, JT, Jerri, Candice (favored to win & quit with no warning), Parvati’s one foot hang was amazing to me – she made it look way too easy. She & Danielle were the final 2 & they both looked like they could hang there forever. In the end, Danielle says to Parvati, “You have the idol” & Parvati forfeits the victory to Danielle. After 27 days, one of them will be going home. Rupert is sure that Parvati has the idol as she was so willing to just give the victory over to Danielle. He then wants to oust ETR for the weasel that he is….promises, promises.

ETR’s Plan A for tribal was to give his, I mean JT’s idol to Parvati – AGAIN. There is no Plan B. He just knows that in order for him to stay in the game, he needs to keep his 4 girls safe. He wants to go after JT for sure. Parvati was thrilled with her 2 idols insuring her safety for tonight & for the rest of the game. She’s happy to be the most dangerous player out there. Amanda works on Parvati one more time to convince her to play her idol “just in case”. Parvati let her know that it is going to get messy & again she knows that Amanda is lying.

At tribal – The jury looked fabulous – just like Courtney had hoped they would. (Watch Ponderosa) Jeff started tribal council by asking Rupert about camp life. He wanted to talk about the adjustments & banana etiquette again but ETR shut that down flat & just wanted to PLAY THE GAME. He knows that the vote is the most important thing but he doesn’t quite know just how important yet. JT expresses his fear of being in danger because no one talked to him. ETR tries to tell them that he talked to everyone – more so the hero tribe. Sandra wanted to say that they all got along & that she did no strategy talk. Parvati also talks about feeling left out much like a lepper – Laughed out loud when Jeff asked if she was just used to getting attention? Ha! She made it clear that she knows she’s a threat. Colby’s view of Parvati was that maybe they all just knew she’d still be there for a few days so they just didn’t offer her any attention. JT did a little idol talk – that gave me a chuckle as well – yes, knowing what was coming. AND I loved it when Coach & Courtney from the jury area both raised their hands when Jeff asked if anyone had ever seen what an idol could do. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is real comedy right there.

Next was the vote & I had to laugh again when ETR said to JT when he was voting “real dumb move – gotta vote you out tonight”. Also loved when Courtney said “If that little troll plays an idol…”. (I’m not the only one thinking he’s a troll.)

AND NOW, I give you – THE MOVE of the evening by Parvati. Wow! It was nothing short of AMAZING, no other way to describe it – just AMAZING! (I’m not saying I was happy about it but you gotta love it when a good move is made & it cannot be ignored.) Jeff asked if anyone wanted to play a hidden immunity idol & Parvati spoke right up. She wasted no time pulling out both idols & WAIT FOR IT! She gave one to Jerri & one to Sandra!!! No kidding, they all seemed to do that Fred Flintstone shake your head back & forth super fast thing when she did that. I watched it 3 times because I just could not believe it happened. I was not alone either because just as I was having trouble processing it so was ETR – not to mention the entire hero tribe as well. Wow! It kind of made me tired trying to etch it in my brain. Cannot believe it – absolutely Survivor history. She certainly was instrumental in increasing the villain tribe’s odds. So tonight, Parvati was the Fairy God Mother, granting wishes all around. Rupert’s famous last words – “I knew we shouldn’t have trusted that___________”. So in the end since all 5 of Jerri’s votes did not count, JT was sent home under the power of his own idol. He beat himself for sure. Can’t wait to see what happens between ETR & Parvati because he let her know in no uncertain terms that she had some explaining to do. (He doesn’t like it when he’s not in total control! Parvati, Beware!)

Jeff’s final words – “In a game full of crazy moves, that was the craziest but you know better than anybody, anything can & will probably happen in this game”. (There’s the understatement of the season.) JT offers ETR a “well done” on his way out but it is sad for all of them because they all now the villains now have the upper hand.

Next Time – ETR loses control of the alliance & Sandra takes control. She seems willing to go after ETR with Rupert. This should be good.

I was amused by some of JT’s comments – “I was voted out by my own idol. It was do or die & I died tonight. I went from hero to zero tonight”. Hilarious! I love that guy even though he was fooled by smoke & mirrors this time.

Until next time, I have spoken, Randi

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