Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Final episode

Well, I must say that for the first time in 20 seasons, I slept through the finale. Ha! I wanted to watch it, I tried to watch it, I had one eye open for so long & then…the pain meds took over & I had to watch it later. Ugh!

So…please forgive me for my tardiness….

For me, this season was awesome! I loved it, but when it came to the finale I had one of those moments when I knew it was more about the journey this time than the destination. All along I have been torn between tribe members & even though I am on the “good” side of things, this one was tough. They put out there the 10 greatest heroes & the 10 most ruthless villains. Whether they were there for revenge or redemption – they were there. It was very interesting from the start because we knew them from the beginning & that sucks you right in.

The Heroes got off to a slow start & that totally broke my heart. The villains did well but certainly could have done better had they not splintered due to enormous egos – especially ETR (Evil Troll Russell) & Boston Rob. Just imagine if the two of them could have figured out a way to work together, they would have been a force to contend with. (I know I would have loved to hate them, none the less)

Along the way there were lessons to be learned like poor JT – “never hand the enemy the idol”, but I do admire him for taking the risk. It is true, if it had turned out, he would have looked brilliant. I was confused by Sandra’s at times. I did see her trying to get ETR but then it was like she never really got to the edge & then she would back away early. Too bad the Heroes wouldn’t listen to her – that really could have changed the game. I loved that Sandra used that idol last week, it was better than going home with it & I do not think she needed to tell anyone. I do not understand why ETR thinks they all owe him some sort of explanation like he’s the godfather or something. I must admit that I was disappointed in Colby this season. Yes, I realize that I was looking for the old Colby but I just couldn’t help it, I was looking for the fire in his eyes again. Bummer! I was glad that Colby was still in it because at least having one hero still in it gave hope that good might could win over evil.

Some of the quotes that I loved this season were – “I don’t ride coattails” from Parvati to ETR when he suggested she ride his, and “I’m against you, Russell” from Sandra to ETR. I guess if you really look at it, Sandra does have heart. ETR didn’t surprise us this season because he indeed played the same game – threats, threats, threats. He knows that if he can control how everyone feels, he can control how they think. I truly believed that he had a chance to take it all – if only he had given a wink to the social side of the game.

This was the biggest finale yet. Who will win the million dollar prize & the title of sole survivor?

The immunity challenge next was the one where they had to balance stacked dishes on a balancing arm. Whoever won this challenge was to secure themselves a 1 in 4 chance at the win. Sandra, Jerri & ETR were they first out & it was down to a final battle between Colby & Parvati. Tough challenge & in the end with 17 dishes stacked, Colby dropped without warning. Parvati won immunity again. Next stop – tribal council. Colby gives his “last hero standing” speech & tells them all to just enjoy the day. Or was it his surrender speech in hopes that he could possibly secure an “aw shucks” vote. He almost convinced himself that he was giving up. He decided to approach ETR with a final attempt to keep him. He asks him to consider taking him to the final 3.

Tribal Council – Colby is the last hero. They have all been involved in some tough challenges. If there is to be any big moves, tonight is the night. Colby alerts Sandra that she is safe because everyone would like to sit next to her in the finals. Truly the inability for the villains to unify is the one thing that gives Colby hope. Of course in the end, there was no surprise & Colby was sent to join the jury. Bummer!

And then there were 4. Jeff tells them to try to get some sleep because they will need it. They have to beat Parvati to have any chance.

Next they went on their trip down memory lane. They talked about each survivor & what they brought to the game. It was fun to see them again. Then they burned all the masks & torches. It’s funny because I am still not sure that everyone was on the right tribe.

The final immunity challenge – sure hurts my heart that there are only villains left to compete. “Never give your heart to a villain, JT”. The last challenge was tough. They had to be blindfolded & make their way through a maze using only guideposts to feel. At each spot they had to collect a different necklace. After they collected all 4 necklaces, they had to find the immunity necklace. Sandra made me laugh when she just followed Parvati’s voice rather than the guideposts. In the end it was really close for Jerri, Parvati & ETR but ETR was able to pull out the victory in the dramatic finish. Wow! That was a close finish!

Next they are off to tribal council again. Parvati must see if she’s still his girl. Anything can happen. The camp scramble begins. I was surprised how secure that Jerri felt. She was certain that Parvati was going home. ETR was sure that Sandra could not beat him & he was okay if she won $100,000. Of course Sandra wasn’t sure about that. Parvati & ETR talk about strategic moves again. ETR decides that he wants to let the chips fall where they may. This time before going to tribal, Jerri stays at camp rather than heading off for some alone time. Sandra’s strategy is to go the the person with the idol.

Alliances are gonna get broken, who can I beat?

Parvati hope that ETR will be loyal & want to redeem himself by taking her. She also made a huge statement that annoyed ETR – “I’ve been protecting him since day one”. Hmmm, at least you don’t have to guess how ETR “Captain Obvious” feels in any situation. This final vote had Jerri heading to the jury. And then the power shifts to the jury & they must convince the others to choose them.
It is now, every villain for himself. Sandra lets them know that she came for another million. They enjoy their breakfast & ETR hopes that they will be easy to beat.

Hilarious that Sandra burned ETR’s hat. She’s right ‘that’s how much game she’s got”. Surely turn about is fair play.

In the end it’s about the title of sole survivor, not the money. (Okay, maybe a little bit about the money) In the end the heroes were responsible for their own self destruction.

Out of the 10 heroes & 10 villains, there are 3 villains left. They each have an opening statement & then the jury takes over.

Sandra wanted them to know that whatever she did, she did it all by herself.

ETR wanted them to know that this is not a game of luck for him, he played hard.

Parvati – appealed to them by saying playing with 20 of the best ever she did not realize she was a threat, and she let them know that she kept ETR as her dragon pet (Ha! That is funny!)\

Colby – addressed ETR with the “no luck” involved & let him know that he’s dilussional, He thought Parvati was great in challenges but wanted to know her strategy beyond that

Coach – Parvati is a charmer, ETR is a skeemer & a little man, & Sandra is a coattail rider, he thinks that Sandra is weak & that Parvati is a warrior in challenges

Amanda addressed Sandra’s strategy

Courtney – nods to Parvati for her good game play but she is with Sandra, Sandra is loyal & that has been overlooked

JT – He know ETR has good strategy, that’s how he was voted out, He just tries to get to the end & then hopes they will respect his gameplay, He lets Parvati tell them that he’s a huge threat & had to work, It was also thrown out there that Sandra only gave 50-60% in the challenges (Side note – I loved it when JT said that he layed in his bed….you lay in yours – True)

Danielle asked ETR if he would change anything, especially his lack of skill iwth the jury, he said he would not change a thing, she let him know that no one respects his game play

Jerri – stepped up & let them know that she was 100% undecided who to vote for, She wanted to know why Parvati didn’t go

Candice – ETR, you told lies you didn’t even need to tell, Parvati, you played under ETR’s thumb like an abused spouse

Rupert – ETR, to be honest is hard, to be a liar is easy – you took the easy way out, you shouldn’t be proud, Sandra – we should have talked more, you tried to help us. Parvati – strong player, you aligned with terrible person, you did work to get here.

Side note – indeed if the heroes had listened to Sandra, this would have been a different game.

The final vote had them voting for a winner this time. In the end it was a 5-4 vote & Sandra won it – AGAIN!!!
This was a great season & she’s the queen of survivor! This was both physical & mental & Sandra got the million. Loved her on the morning show this morning when she said the first thing she would do with the money is PAY HER TAXES! Ha!

Poor ETR, perhaps if he had kept his eye on the win, he would be victorious in the end. He only looked at getting to the end but not playing for the win.
Yes, he did get the fan votes but Jeff’s right, that is not the game. I believe that vote was really for his last season when I did think he should have taken the win.

Get ready for the next one coming up – Nicaragua…..

Until next time, I have spoken,

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