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I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi movies and anything related to the universe and what else might be lurking out there. I’ve always been of the opinion that Earth is not the only planet in the universe that has life on it, however the chances of us confirming that are virtually impossible. So, movies that deal with outer space, aliens, the origin of the universe and space exploration have always peaked my interest. The latest film to delve into this subject is Prometheus. The is the first science fiction filmed directed by Sir Ridley Scott since his classic Blade Runner from 1982 and his Alien three years before that. As a fan of both these films, I couldn’t wait to see what he had up his sleeve after all these years.
Most of you have probably heard that this film shares some history with his original Alien film and the subsequent sequels. However, that probably won’t be very obvious until the very end of the film. This takes place before the first Alien film and helps to answer, at least in part, how the aliens came to be, or at least where they came from. But even this aspect of the story is but a small part of the overall film. There are many other larger concepts and ideas that are brought up in this film to make it feel like an altogether different film universe. What if mankind were nothing but lab rats used to experiment on? What if our beliefs of the origin of man weren’t what we believe or have heard? If you could meet your creator, would you want to? These are just a few of the questions that you might think about when watching this film, and I personally love that a film such as this can ask these kinds of questions.
The title of Prometheus comes from the name of a ship that has been hired by the Weyland Corporation to explore the reaches of the galaxy and see if they are able to prove a theory of the creation of mankind. The crew of the ship are being led by two scientists played by Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Greene. They believe that there were beings, called Engineers, that were the creators of the human race and they left star charts all over the Earth to help humans find them in the galaxy. Little do they realize that the Weyland Corporation isn’t funding the trip just for this purpose. Just as in the first two Alien films, there is an android, played here by Michael Fassbender, who is programmed to try and bring back anything of interest that might be profitable, including any alien life. When they find clues to the Engineers and what appears to be their ship, they realize that they had what appear to be chemical weapons that they were going to use on the population of the Earth to see what would happen. In the process of their discovery, one of the scientists is impregnated and you can just imagine what this eventually leads to.
I was completely engrossed by this film. I felt that it made a great introduction to the Alien universe and answered a number of questions that had been raised through those films. Despite the over two decades since the first Alien movie, the look and feel of this movie were completely inspired by what has come before. I would like to see this again to see if there were any clues or points I missed, as I thought it gave you a lot to think about but you really needed to pay close attention to get all of the connections. I also would like to watch this back to back with Alien to see if this back story makes sense with the history that came before it. Any fan of this series must take a look at this film and draw your own conclusions. Just keep an open mind and you might be just as pleased as I was.

J.Chandler B+

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