Pixar’s “UP” Soars at the Box Office!

How many animation studios do you know that can make a movie about love, loss, old age, talking dogs, a single parent childhood and the equivalent of a Doo-Doo bird and make it entertaining for both children and adults?  Only one that I know of, and that is Pixar.  In this their tenth feature film, Pixar keeps their long running history for quality animation, story and creativity and gives us one of the best films I’ve seen this year. Quite simply, “Up” soars!

One of the things I love most about Pixar films is the fact that they realize that these movies are not just for children.  They know that adults enjoy animated movies and their parents usually attend with their kids to go see them.  This is the reason that they write their films not only for kids, but also for adults.  A child’s perspective on a Pixar film will usually be completely different from an adult’s, but their enjoyment of the film can be equal.  This couldn’t be more true than with “Up”.

Adults will relate to and understand the themes of love, loss, how quickly time passes and getting older, stubbornness, home and family.  Kids will enjoy the gang of talking dogs, the spirit of adventure, the idea of flying your house using balloons and sheets, the crazy endangered bird and the bond formed between a child and a father-figure.  I would hate to say more about the plot and story of this film as I think that takes something away from it before first viewing.  I didn’t know anything about this movie before seeing it except that there was an old man, a boy scout, a house with balloons and a talking dog.
That’s it.  That’s all I knew and I’m glad for it.  Go in with an open mind and imagination and you will be amazed at what you see.

This review is a bit shorter than I usually write, but when you see a great film, the film speaks for itself.  Just know that this reviewer loved this film and looks forward to seeing it many times in the future.

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