Marvel’s Choice for Thor!

Ok guys!  So the new word out on the street has to do with a recent casting of a particular member of the long-awaited Avenger movie.  As you know, they have been putting out movies of each Avenger character; to this point we’ve had the Hulk and Ironman.   The list is pretty extensive though.  The original five were Thor, Ironman, Ant-Man, The Wasp and the Hulk, but since the early sixties, there have been additions too extensive to list here.    See for a more in-depth look of the Avenger History.

As for the story at hand, Marvel Studios is announcing Australian actor Chris Hemsworth as ‘Thor’!  The exclusive report by Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily  say’s Hemsworth, who played George Kirk, father of James T. Kirk in JJ Abram’s recently released Star Trek movie read for the part, only to be nixed.  After an appeal by various members of the team convinced Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige that “’he’s’ your guy.”  This is apparently quite a busy week for Chris, as he also snatched up the lead role in the re-make of Red Dawn.

Marvel has set the film’s release date as June 17th 2011.

~A. Renfro

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