Kick Ass, kicks ass!

Being the comic nerd that I am, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that I will be attending just about every movie related to comic books. This being said, I was curious about seeing “Kick-Ass” because I really didn’t know anything about it. Pretty much anyone that is a fan of comics will tell you that “of course” they’ve fantasized about being a super hero, who hasn’t?? However, how many people do you know that have decided to dress up in a costume and go out to fight evil and uphold justice???? None, that’s how many. “But I don’t have an ability” would be the follow up response. Neither does Batman, yet he took matters in his own hands and is delivering his own kind of justice in Gotham. So, this begs the question, “Will anyone ever decide to become a superhero themselves and eradicate evil that is slowly overtaking the world?” This is exactly what “Kick-Ass” is all about.
Our hero Dave Lizewski, played here brilliantly by newcomer Aaron Johnson, is your average nerdy teenager. He reads comics, has issues talking to girls, hangs around others like himself, and has dreams of being something more than he is. So, one day he gets the bright idea of getting a wet suit and turning himself into a super hero that has absolutely no power but who wants to help out with any crimes he may witness. Needless to say, his first attempt almost becomes his last when he gets his ass kicked and almost killed by two thugs trying to steal a car. He is sent to the hospital where he has to have numerous metal rods implanted on many of his broken bones. When he fully recovers he realizes that the metal has made him stronger and the surgeries have almost deadened his nerve endings. So, in his mind, he almost has an ability and decides to continue in his pursuits.
Along the way Dave meets a few others like himself, just ordinary people who put on costumes in order to take out the evil of the world, however they are far better trained and are armed to the teeth. This dynamic duo is Hit Girl and Big Daddy, a father/daughter team played by Chloe Moretz and Nicolas Cage. I would rather not go into the rest of the story when they come into the picture, because honestly I think the less you know going in the better it will be. However, I will say that every scene that Chloe appears, she absolutely steals the show!! That is one 11 year old that I would not want to mess with.
I really can’t say enough good things about this film. I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down and when I got up my mind was reeling from everything I just witnessed. This movie completely lived up to its name. A lot of people have told me that they thought this would be a stupid kids movie or spoof, let me say right now that it is not and is not appropriate for kids. This is very much an adult movie that deals with adult themes and this has a lot of blood and death. So, know this going in, but go support this movie and hopefully Hollywood will realize that this is the kind of adult comic film that the population is hoping to see more often. A-


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