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Even though the website has been live for quite some time now, this is the first review that I’ve done regarding the Twilight saga. I did read all four books and enjoyed most of what I read. I’m certainly not a “Twi-hard” fan but again the books were enjoyable and I’ve looked forward to seeing the film adaptations. Let me start by saying that I wasn’t a huge fan of the first film however the second film did get better. I also don’t think that Robert Pattinson looks anything like what I pictured Edward as being. He is supposed to be one of the most attractive and desirable men you’re ever likely to see and Mr. Pattinson is certainly not that. I like Kristen Stewart about as much as I liked Bella in the books, which wasn’t a lot. Fortunately Taylor Lautner is perfectly cast as Jacob, and is getting better and better with each film.
Eclipse was by far my favorite of all of the books. It wasn’t as heavy on the love story or the love triangle, but gave us more of a back story for some of the characters and had the most action of all the books. Luckily, the film follows this formula and because of this it is the most successful of the three films that have thus far been released. The basic story of Eclipse is that Victoria is back (from the first film and book) and she wants revenge on Edward and Bella for killing her mate. So, in order to get her revenge, she is creating an army of newly turned vampires to create utter chaos so that she can then catch them unaware and kill Bella. The Cullen clan finds out about this plot and decides to join forces with the wolves in order to take out Victoria and her army.
I really like what the director, David Slade, has done with the fight sequences and love story. He walks the line between the appeasing the men and women by giving them just enough of what they both want but not going overboard. The guys will enjoy the intense action sequences of the film while the ladies can enjoy the ongoing love story between Bella and Edward and their twisted love triangle with Jacob. I know it must be hard for a new director to take over a film in a series when previous films have been directed by two other people. The continuity between the first two films and this one is exceptional. You might not even notice much of a difference between all three films and I, as a fan, appreciate that when viewing a series.
I can hardly believe that this is the penultimate chapter of the Twilight saga in their film versions. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride in terms of quality, acting, directing, casting and the battle between Team Edward and Team Jacob. I feel that Eclipse is by far the best film in the series yet and I’m glad that they have stayed pretty faithful to the source material. I am curious to see how the series will end in the epic 2 film version of Breaking Dawn currently in production under director Bill Condon. I am a huge fan of his and hope he can make my least favorite book into my most favorite film. Until we see those films in 2011, check this one out and see how it measures up.

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