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Inception Trailer

Here is the new Trailer for Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio opening the Summer of 2010. Please Comment!

Prince of Persia Teaser Video

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A Nightmare on Elmstreet Review

Hollywood seems determined to remake just about any classic movie that’s ever been made, especially in the genre of horror. We seen new versions of Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and now we get A Nightmare on Elm Street. I’m not sure if the executives and producers are just running out of new ideas, or if they honestly feel that the original movies can be improved upon in this new century. Whatever their thoughts, I’m a huge fan of horror films and therefore going to see this new Nightmare was a given. Plus, I’m a big fan of Jackie Earle Haley’s work and wanted to see what he would do with this icon of horror, Freddy Krueger.
I won’t really rehash the story of this for you, because most people already know the premise. I’ll just say the story doesn’t differ much at all from the original except for the fact that this Freddy is made out as not only being a killer of children, but also a child molester. This one change did make me hate this version of the villain and made him an even scarier monster knowing that he’s capable of anything. He also had a creepy and bone chilling way of rubbing the knives together that would put you on edge and let you know he was ready to slice. Jackie Earle Haley is by far the best thing about this new film, but even he couldn’t make it enjoyable to watch and he didn’t bring that much more to the character than Robert Englund did.
The rest of the cast is nothing much to speak of. They are all playing virtually the same roles as the original however this cast seemed to lack the believability that the first cast possessed. They all have the same character names as the original, they all die like in the original or very similarly. Despite the fact that the original movie is 26 years old, the special effects in the original far surpassed the ones employed in this one. I am a total believer in the use of practical effects whenever possible and only resorting to the computer generated ones as a last resort. This is especially true for horror films. In this film however, you could absolutely tell which scenes contained computer generated effects. If they were going to be so obvious why not just go the practical route? The computer effects make it even less scary than it is.
If you have any love for the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, do yourself a favor and pass this one by. I really wished I had just stayed at home and watched that version again. Do they still give you your money back if you didn’t like the film? If so, can I have mine back please??? D


Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians Final episode

Well, I must say that for the first time in 20 seasons, I slept through the finale. Ha! I wanted to watch it, I tried to watch it, I had one eye open for so long & then…the pain meds took over & I had to watch it later. Ugh!

So…please forgive me for my tardiness….

For me, this season was awesome! I loved it, but when it came to the finale I had one of those moments when I knew it was more about the journey this time than the destination. All along I have been torn between tribe members & even though I am on the “good” side of things, this one was tough. They put out there the 10 greatest heroes & the 10 most ruthless villains. Whether they were there for revenge or redemption – they were there. It was very interesting from the start because we knew them from the beginning & that sucks you right in.

The Heroes got off to a slow start & that totally broke my heart. The villains did well but certainly could have done better had they not splintered due to enormous egos – especially ETR (Evil Troll Russell) & Boston Rob. Just imagine if the two of them could have figured out a way to work together, they would have been a force to contend with. (I know I would have loved to hate them, none the less)

Along the way there were lessons to be learned like poor JT – “never hand the enemy the idol”, but I do admire him for taking the risk. It is true, if it had turned out, he would have looked brilliant. I was confused by Sandra’s at times. I did see her trying to get ETR but then it was like she never really got to the edge & then she would back away early. Too bad the Heroes wouldn’t listen to her – that really could have changed the game. I loved that Sandra used that idol last week, it was better than going home with it & I do not think she needed to tell anyone. I do not understand why ETR thinks they all owe him some sort of explanation like he’s the godfather or something. I must admit that I was disappointed in Colby this season. Yes, I realize that I was looking for the old Colby but I just couldn’t help it, I was looking for the fire in his eyes again. Bummer! I was glad that Colby was still in it because at least having one hero still in it gave hope that good might could win over evil.

Some of the quotes that I loved this season were – “I don’t ride coattails” from Parvati to ETR when he suggested she ride his, and “I’m against you, Russell” from Sandra to ETR. I guess if you really look at it, Sandra does have heart. ETR didn’t surprise us this season because he indeed played the same game – threats, threats, threats. He knows that if he can control how everyone feels, he can control how they think. I truly believed that he had a chance to take it all – if only he had given a wink to the social side of the game.

This was the biggest finale yet. Who will win the million dollar prize & the title of sole survivor?

The immunity challenge next was the one where they had to balance stacked dishes on a balancing arm. Whoever won this challenge was to secure themselves a 1 in 4 chance at the win. Sandra, Jerri & ETR were they first out & it was down to a final battle between Colby & Parvati. Tough challenge & in the end with 17 dishes stacked, Colby dropped without warning. Parvati won immunity again. Next stop – tribal council. Colby gives his “last hero standing” speech & tells them all to just enjoy the day. Or was it his surrender speech in hopes that he could possibly secure an “aw shucks” vote. He almost convinced himself that he was giving up. He decided to approach ETR with a final attempt to keep him. He asks him to consider taking him to the final 3.

Tribal Council – Colby is the last hero. They have all been involved in some tough challenges. If there is to be any big moves, tonight is the night. Colby alerts Sandra that she is safe because everyone would like to sit next to her in the finals. Truly the inability for the villains to unify is the one thing that gives Colby hope. Of course in the end, there was no surprise & Colby was sent to join the jury. Bummer!

And then there were 4. Jeff tells them to try to get some sleep because they will need it. They have to beat Parvati to have any chance.

Next they went on their trip down memory lane. They talked about each survivor & what they brought to the game. It was fun to see them again. Then they burned all the masks & torches. It’s funny because I am still not sure that everyone was on the right tribe.

The final immunity challenge – sure hurts my heart that there are only villains left to compete. “Never give your heart to a villain, JT”. The last challenge was tough. They had to be blindfolded & make their way through a maze using only guideposts to feel. At each spot they had to collect a different necklace. After they collected all 4 necklaces, they had to find the immunity necklace. Sandra made me laugh when she just followed Parvati’s voice rather than the guideposts. In the end it was really close for Jerri, Parvati & ETR but ETR was able to pull out the victory in the dramatic finish. Wow! That was a close finish!

Next they are off to tribal council again. Parvati must see if she’s still his girl. Anything can happen. The camp scramble begins. I was surprised how secure that Jerri felt. She was certain that Parvati was going home. ETR was sure that Sandra could not beat him & he was okay if she won $100,000. Of course Sandra wasn’t sure about that. Parvati & ETR talk about strategic moves again. ETR decides that he wants to let the chips fall where they may. This time before going to tribal, Jerri stays at camp rather than heading off for some alone time. Sandra’s strategy is to go the the person with the idol.

Alliances are gonna get broken, who can I beat?

Parvati hope that ETR will be loyal & want to redeem himself by taking her. She also made a huge statement that annoyed ETR – “I’ve been protecting him since day one”. Hmmm, at least you don’t have to guess how ETR “Captain Obvious” feels in any situation. This final vote had Jerri heading to the jury. And then the power shifts to the jury & they must convince the others to choose them.
It is now, every villain for himself. Sandra lets them know that she came for another million. They enjoy their breakfast & ETR hopes that they will be easy to beat.

Hilarious that Sandra burned ETR’s hat. She’s right ‘that’s how much game she’s got”. Surely turn about is fair play.

In the end it’s about the title of sole survivor, not the money. (Okay, maybe a little bit about the money) In the end the heroes were responsible for their own self destruction.

Out of the 10 heroes & 10 villains, there are 3 villains left. They each have an opening statement & then the jury takes over.

Sandra wanted them to know that whatever she did, she did it all by herself.

ETR wanted them to know that this is not a game of luck for him, he played hard.

Parvati – appealed to them by saying playing with 20 of the best ever she did not realize she was a threat, and she let them know that she kept ETR as her dragon pet (Ha! That is funny!)\

Colby – addressed ETR with the “no luck” involved & let him know that he’s dilussional, He thought Parvati was great in challenges but wanted to know her strategy beyond that

Coach – Parvati is a charmer, ETR is a skeemer & a little man, & Sandra is a coattail rider, he thinks that Sandra is weak & that Parvati is a warrior in challenges

Amanda addressed Sandra’s strategy

Courtney – nods to Parvati for her good game play but she is with Sandra, Sandra is loyal & that has been overlooked

JT – He know ETR has good strategy, that’s how he was voted out, He just tries to get to the end & then hopes they will respect his gameplay, He lets Parvati tell them that he’s a huge threat & had to work, It was also thrown out there that Sandra only gave 50-60% in the challenges (Side note – I loved it when JT said that he layed in his bed….you lay in yours – True)

Danielle asked ETR if he would change anything, especially his lack of skill iwth the jury, he said he would not change a thing, she let him know that no one respects his game play

Jerri – stepped up & let them know that she was 100% undecided who to vote for, She wanted to know why Parvati didn’t go

Candice – ETR, you told lies you didn’t even need to tell, Parvati, you played under ETR’s thumb like an abused spouse

Rupert – ETR, to be honest is hard, to be a liar is easy – you took the easy way out, you shouldn’t be proud, Sandra – we should have talked more, you tried to help us. Parvati – strong player, you aligned with terrible person, you did work to get here.

Side note – indeed if the heroes had listened to Sandra, this would have been a different game.

The final vote had them voting for a winner this time. In the end it was a 5-4 vote & Sandra won it – AGAIN!!!
This was a great season & she’s the queen of survivor! This was both physical & mental & Sandra got the million. Loved her on the morning show this morning when she said the first thing she would do with the money is PAY HER TAXES! Ha!

Poor ETR, perhaps if he had kept his eye on the win, he would be victorious in the end. He only looked at getting to the end but not playing for the win.
Yes, he did get the fan votes but Jeff’s right, that is not the game. I believe that vote was really for his last season when I did think he should have taken the win.

Get ready for the next one coming up – Nicaragua…..

Until next time, I have spoken,

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Although I have TOTALLY loved & enjoyed this season, I was not thrilled with tonight’s episode, HOWEVER, I am still so looking forward to Sunday’s finale!

Six are left, who will be voted out tonight? There are only two heroes left & EVERYONE is left to scramble for new alliances.

Last week’s tribal for Rupert was wonderful & his chances just keep getting better. Back at camp, Parvati talks to everyone about ETR’s scare tactics & his jealousy over the alliance she shared with Danielle. It was funny looking at him at last week’s tribal when Danielle made THE statement about being so close to Parvati. I loved seeing how ETR reacted – he did not even try to hide it. He had one of those “Jekyl & Hyde” moments. He is certainly the biggest villain & Parvati knows it. She still feels the need to keep him around because he can help her get farther in the game. ETR spends some time convincing Parvati that Danielle was trying to throw her under the bus. They do not trust each other but they do both still feel that they need each other….careful, we all know what snakes do.

Tonight was the night when family members came to visit. I always love it when their family visits! It’s emotional & raw & honest. I always drop a few tears & tonight was no different. They receive a box at treemail & in the box is a Sprint phonewith family videos showing who has come to see them. They watch the videos & then see their loved ones face to face. Precious times no doubt but I always think that the survivors must smell really bad! Ha! Next they all compete in a challenge together to see who will get to spend some extended time with family. The survivor runs to the water with a small bucket, returns to the starting point & has to toss the water from a few feet away to their family member. The family member then has to try to catch the water with another bucket & then transfer the water down a ramp & into a larger bucket. When the larger bucket is filled, it triggers a see-saw mechanism & then the bucket drops & the winner is declared. The winners would be heading out on an excursion to see the famous “blow holes” & enjoy a meal together. (side note – I think they are getting too much food…Remember Africa? They didn’t get anything!) I think it was a rather tough challenge & Colby was frustrated beyond belief with his brother. Of course they all wanted to win this challenge – this one was personal. It must have been such a boost to see someone from home. In the end the sure & steady team of Jerri & sister Jennifer won the challenge. Next, Jeff gave Jerri a chance to choose 2 tribe members & family members to enjoy the reward with them. First she chose Parvati & her dad & then Sandra & her uncle. I thought it was interesting that she did not choose ETR. AND he was for sure surprised that she did not choose him. He even walked away saying “She’s in trouble now”. The guys headed back to camp empty handed except for a few sour grapes that ETR carried with him. He was really unhappy that he was not chosen & he spent some time doing what I call “hitching his britches”, talking to the other guys about what he’s going to do next. He is sure that she did not think strategicallly & tbat it was a million dollar decision. ETR wastes no time “flipping” & making a final 3 deal with Rupert & Colby of course they know he’s a snake & to trust him is very dangerous. He admits that he is a villain but that they can still trust him. Rupert thinks he’s the best villain they’ve got & they discuss pulling Jerri into their fold. (too good to be true?)

They all enjoy their reward. Was I the only one thinking that when they were passing that phone around, someone was going to find a hidden message somewhere on it? Jerri was concerned that because she did not choose ETR, she might be in trouble. The other girls assured her that she would be safe because they would protect her.

When they returned to camp, ETR & Colby were asleep so Jerri didn’t get the chance to talk to ETR right away. They all decided to go to sleep except for Rupert. He stayed awake working on firewood. That irritated Jerri to know end & she immediately wanted to target him to go home. She thinks he is inconsiderate & can’t figure out if his motivation is because he’s cocky or because he’s stupid. (She leaned toward stupid) She ends up getting up out of frustration & then she & ETR end up talking. He assures her that he is not made – “Me & you to the top” ETR. He loves it because that means he controls the game because he controls Jerri. His next thought is that he hopes one of the guys wins immunity & then he can deal with Jerri right before the vote.

The immunity challenge was once again a test of endurance. Ugh! They had to stand with their arms out & hold 2 poles on the tops of their hands against overhead boards. The winner of this challenge assures themselves a secured spot in the final 5. Even a slight loss of concentration puts you out of the game. I was stunned when just 15 seconds in, Colby lost focus & dropped a pole & was out of the running. Sandra was out next, followed by ETR, & then Jerri. The last 2 competitors were Parvati & Rupert. I could not take it! I really wanted Rupert to win. I held my breath, I yelled at the TV, I peeked through my fingers & then I was totally let down when Rupert dropped out. So…Parvati won & I wanted to cry…..alas it is what it is.

ETR starts chatting about what will happen next & he speaks of “flipping” & going after Rupert. Sandra talks to Rupert about going after ETR & then Rupert goes to ETR with Sandra’s plan. Of course then ETR confronts Sandra about what Rupert has “spilled”. (NOTE – This is when Rupert made his fatal error) ETR wanted to know from Sandra if she was with him or if she was against him – she told him right to his face that she was against him. They both speak of feeling safe but ETR’s crazy eyes scared me a little bit. Sandra commented to Rupert that “Loose lips, sink ships” & he wholeheartedly agreed with her. I thought it was hilarious when they asked ETR (in reference to his with me or against me comment) “Who invited Boston Rob back to the party?”. Ha!!! He didn’t think it was funny but I sure did! Jerri also did not think it was funny & she was sure that camp was turning into Crazy Town because they were pushing ETR’s buttons. Again, I loved it! ETR lets Sandra know he’ll be gunning for her. He’s sure he’s running everything. AND Sandra is so confident that she thinks she may not even play her hidden immunity idol – that is bold! (Last time she can play it, sure thinking she should.)

At tribal council, Sandra immediately sells out Rupert. It’s interesting how there are times when it is still tribal alliances & other times, the teams are turning on each other. Anyone really believe that Parvati is a hero on the inside? I thought it was a good idea that Sandra played the idol since it was the last time it could be played & she did not want to go home iwth the idol in her bra. Ha! The votes came down to Sandra & Rupert. Of course Rupert went home. He knew it immediately when Sandra played the idol that he would be the one to go. He even started gathering his things. I am going to say that I am disappointed that he is gone. I love Rupert & even though I know he probably didn’t “deserve” to win, he’s got heart & I love heart. A moment of silence please………

And then there were 5. The next few days will have them battling it out for the title of sole survivor – Heroes vs Villains.

Next time – SUNDAY – during the 2 hour finale, the war between Heroes & Villains will end. It should be interesting to see the interaction between Parvati & ETR. She tells him that she’s always been his girl & evidentally he calls her a liar.

Until next time, I have spoken. Randi

Iron Man 2. Better than the first movie?

The sequel becomes the first topic of conversation after a movie, especially a super hero film, has great reviews and even greater box office. Such was the case for the first Iron Man movie. Most people weren’t expecting such a perfect origin story, incredible acting, outstanding special effects and (most shocking of all) that Robert Downey Jr. became Tony Stark. After such a spectacular beginning, talk started immediately about the second film and when it would appear in the grand scheme of Marvel’s plans for an Avenger film. Would it come before all of the other Marvel film or after the Thor and Captain America films were released? Well, that question has been answered after Iron Man 2 was released this past weekend and sets us up perfectly for Iron Man’s participation in the Avenger initiative.

At the end of the first Iron Man film, we witnessed Tony Stark telling the world that he was in fact Iron Man. This sort of thing is unheard of. No super hero reveals his secret identity to the world for fear that their enemies will come after their loved ones and family. So, now that Tony Stark and Iron Man are proven to be the same person, what will that do to Tony’s life and the people in it? This is the main question faced in this movie and it is a brilliant question indeed. How will this affect his business? Will he attract more enemies purely because he is Iron Man? Will he be able to keep his friends safe? Can he do it alone? Each of these complex issues is brought up in this second Iron Man film.

At the beginning of the film we are introduced to Ivan Vanko as he sits with his father Anton on his deathbed. The father Anton worked with Tony’s father Howard to produce the Arc reactor that was introduced in the first film and is the technology in Tony’s chest. Ivan’s father was never given due credit for helping to create this technology and it left the Vanko family poor and wanting revenge for this betrayal. After Anton dies, Ivan sees that Tony is Iron Man and he decides to use his dad’s technology to create a suit for himself to take his revenge on the Stark family. Once he builds his suit, that has whips made out of electricity, he is known as Whiplash.

Meanwhile, Tony is dealing with his own issues. The government, after finding out that he is Iron Man, has stated that he needs to release his suit to them for government purposes. Stark industries won government contracts for defense weapons and they feel that the suit is now property of the government. Stark is not letting go of his suit stating that he and Iron Man are one and the same and it is his technology no matter his ties to the government contracts. All of this builds up to battles against both the government and their need for his technology and Whiplash who is strictly seeking revenge.

All in all, this is a terrific sequel that takes the best parts of the first film and expands on them. I wouldn’t say that this film is any better than the first, but it is certainly equal to it in my opinion. This has also helped to raise my hopes for the upcoming movies by leaps and bounds. You can really see that they are trying to create continuity between all of their films. Also, be sure to stay in the theater through the end of the credit and you’ll be treated to a nice surprise!

J.Chandler A-

Super 8 Trailer in HD & Applevision!

As you most likely know by now, a trailer for the J.J. Abrams written/directed, Steven Spielberg produced, non-CLOVERFIELDian SUPER 8 hit this weekend with the release of IRON MAN 2.
A relatively non-arousing set of YouTubes vids have been online for this since late last week, but now you can see it in mega-beautiful Applevision.

The Last Airbender in 3D Official Trailer!

Here is the lastest official trailer for the upcoming summer smash “The Last Airbender.” I’m so excited I could just piss myself. :-)

Survivor: Turnabout is Fairplay & A Sinking Ship!!

20th1.jpg”>First of all, I have had my own sort of Survivor experience – Disney World!!! It was a non-stop crazy time! I loved every minute of it & I would do it again in a minute! Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot Center & Animal Kingdom – Wow! Crazy fun!!!

4/29 – Turn About is Fair Play (Just a short recap of last week & then on with tonight’s amazing episode!)

Colby & Rupert feel quite defeated as they see that the villains are truly in charge & that they will be gone in a matter of time.

ETR immediately questions Parvati’s moves & sees what she did as a big ol’ lie. That could be bad for her. ETR thinks he’s the godfather of the game but I wonder if he’ll be able to be in control.

Amanda & Rupert talk about trying to break up the villains – they see Sandra as their only hope.

ETR goes after Candice for a final 6 deal. He’s trying to build numbers to pick off the heroes ones at a time. Really Candice, a FINAL 6 DEAL??? Final 6? Is that really good enough?

The challenge was Survivor Shuffle – like shuffle board. They were split up into teams of 3 & took turns sliding disks down to an X on the board – closest to the center wins! They played for some luxury – food, movie, relaxation, & a clue to the hidden idol. In the end, the team of Colby, Danielle & Amanda won. They were off to a location where Robert Louis Stevenson frequented to write. They enjoyed some food & then watched Treasure Island. The entire time, the girls were looking for a clue to the idol. Danielle ended up finding the clue in the popcorn & drops it on the floor beside her to try to hide it. Amanda saw her do it so she grabbed it & then they scuffled over it. Are you kidding me??? Colby had no idea what was going on & told them, “I was watching Treasure Island”. In the end I had to laugh out loud because Colby told Amanda to give it back to Danielle & she did. It was like watching 2 kids fighting & the dad ends it.

I was amused when they got back to camp & Danielle told her people the story of the clue. She let them know that she “wrestled her to the ground & ripped it out of her hand”. Ummmm, really? Did I miss something? Did I doze off? I didn’t see any of that, did y’all? I saw you whine to Colby & then he told her to give it back – waaaa!!!!!!!!

They look for the idol & ETR – the king of hidden immunity idols finds it. He hides it & does not tell – hmmmm – turn about? fair play? He does decide to tell Candice in hopes that it will secure her allegiance to him. He tells her to stick with him & he’ll take her places.

Sandra & Colby talk about what has happened & wants to align with the others. They think Danielle has the idol. Danielle can’t keep her mouth shut so ETR knows that Sandra is waivering & decides to confront her – I mean decides to threaten her. Sandra knows that she must flip if there is any hope to send ETR home. She & Rupert talk & he knows to not trust ETR.

Immunity Challenge – Use 150 tiles to build a house of cards 10 feet high for immunity. ETR & Jerri were neck & neck but Jerri wins it by seconds. (I loved that Jerri was described as the female Boston Rob) Ha!

Candice decides to dance with the enemy & then was put in the situation to prove her loyalty to them by voting for Amanda. Rupert & Colby are none too happy with Candice for putting them back to square 1 in a matter of 3 minutes. They decide to blame her for everytingif things don’t go their way. I was also very impressed when Sandra just talked right back to ETR when he wouldn’t just let her talk to Candice. Wow! She’s one tough cookie.

The vote was no real surprise but I was sad that Sandra did not flip. In the end – ETR played the idol on himself & Amanda went home. Parvati was not happy with ETR because he wasted the idol. Interesting. So – the villains are not one big happy family.

Tonight’s show….A Sinking Ship

I LOVED tonight’s episode – it had me on the edge of my seat!

Tonight’s episode started out showing that only one thing is for certain – anyone who targets ETR finds themselves blindsided. He achieved his goals with lies & deception. The only one to cross him & survive thus far was Sandra.

Candice flipped last week & it forced Sandra to rejoin the villains.

Tonight there was to be 2 tribal councils & 2 to go home.

It was interesting to see Jerri want to target Candice for flipping to their side so fast. The heroes now also view her as weak & hold her responsible for putting them out on a sinking ship.

I got a kick out of Rupert describing ETR as possibly worse than Johnny Fairplay. (He has no idea – ETR is like Fairplay raised by hillbilly wolves) I loved seeing Rupert call him out in front of everyone at camp. He’s right, swear on your kids & then call it game play usually does lead to your demise. ETR just describes himself as a villain & then insults Rupert. He tells him to “pack his stuff because he’s going home”.

Immunity – Stand barefoot on a perch with you hand tethered to a bucket of colored water over your head. As time passes, Jeff brings out food & they each have the opportunity to quit & eat. Immediately when Jeff brings out a covered plate, Sandra & ETR say they want it. They did not even know that it was milk & cookies when they quit. I was stunned! Next was donuts & ice coffee & Colby wasted no time jumping ship. Again, I was stunned. Then came pb&j, chips, candy & milk – Danielle, Candice, & Jerri went for it. It was then down to Parvati & Rupert in the finals. I thought they would be there for so long. I was once again so surprised when Rupert lost his focus & dropped, giving the victory to Parvati. Bummer! He was totally bummed & just knows that he’s going home while Parvati secures herself a 1 in 7 shot that she will win for the 2nd time. At the end of the challenge, Jeff read a clue to a hidden immunity idol. They then all head back to camp to look for the idol.

When they get back to camp, they all run around like crazy searching for the idol. In the end, Sandra finds it & hides it in a new location. She does not tell anyone that she has found it. Rupert decides to place a “fake idol” in his pocket to make everyone think he has the idol. He purposely walks by ETR so that he will “take the bait” & think that he has the idol. They talk about splitting the vote & flushing out the idol from Rupert. Rupert & Colby keep their fingers crossed, hoping that they can tilt the split vote. I loved it!

At tribal council, Rupert & Colby make it perfectly clear that they are the only 2 Heroes left. Candice tries to dig herself out of the hole by saying that the numbers for voting Amanda out were already there. They did not buy that & jumped all over her for trying to show then smoke & mirrors. Then she says that she would have ended up going down on a sinking ship & this way she has a chance at the final 6. They both could have had more respect for her if she had said that to start with.

When it was time for the vote, Jeff asked for the idol & Rupert reached for his leg. Of course he did not have the idol. When the vote came down, Candice went home & Rupert was saved – REDEMPTION! “he lesson here was it is a risky move when you betray trust in order to gain trust.” Jeff

Back at camp, ETR was upset because he felt that they had blown it. He decided that the girls let their hearts get involveed. He ended up arguing with them about it. He is starting to feel like he is not fully in control. He says that he & Parvati are equally in control but he’s planning to take control again.

2nd immunity challenge – They start off by racing to dig up a peg & then use it to solve a table maze. The first 5 to finish the maze would move to the next round. (Rupert, Sandra, ETR, Parvati & Danielle), The 2nd round was using 4 pegs to climb a wall – 1st 3 would move to the next round. (ETR, Rupert & Parvati) The final round was to solve a slide table puzzle. In the end, it was very close but ETR won. Even though I know that ETR is a fantastic player, I just really want Rupert to stick around. Rupert was so sad to lose – he looks at how far he’s come & he’s still coming up short. He knows that the lie of a rock in his pocket ain’t gonna save him tonight.

Parvati enjoys ETR’s victory. She announces that the Villain-vasion has happened & that the heroes are gone. All 5 are together, or are they? ETR seems to have a problem with Danielle & Parvati being so close, he really wants to bust them up. So in true ETR style, he does his best to spin everyone around in circles so they will be too mixed up to question him. He does the ol’ “she said, she said” routine with Parvati & Danielle. Ummmm – you really didn’t think they were going to talk? Silly ETR. He even threatens Parvati when she says she’s going to talk to Danielle. I know that they can’t vote ETR out when he has immunity but why don’t they turn on him when he does not have immunity?

ETR is getting a little desperate. He talks to the Heroes. The Super Scramble begins & Jerri gets in the mix as well. ETR then threatens her – “You’ll be next”. Wow! He’s on it!
At tribal council, Jeff asks Rupert who is running the show? Rupert tells him that he is not sure – he thinks ETR or Parvati. Danielle tries to convince – um – I guess everyone that the villains make all of their decisions together. Jeff then comments that it must be so peaceful around camp if they all get along so well. Ha! Turns out they aren’t one big happy family. Next they decide to call out ETR at tribal for trying to pit then against each other. Oh, the arguing!!! Danielle’s crying was totally getting to me. Danielle, ETR & Parvati were totally falling apart. And then there was the “final straw” comment from Danielle, “I’m closer to Parvati than you think”. “Oh, really?” – ETR. Hmmm – did you really think that was the best thing to say?? Way to reopen the wounds.

When it came time for the vote, I just was not sure how it would land. It was between Rupert & Danielle. I totally loved it when in the end, Danielle got the votes & headed over to the Ponderosa. Parvati was not happy about Danielle leaving. She told ETR “That’s messed up”. It just keeps getting better & I wonder which one will end up with the cash.

Jeff’s parting words – Villains are not one happy family, Colby & Rupert live to see another day & it is anybody’s game.

Next time – Again ETR wants everyone to know that they are either with him or against him. (Sandra lets him know that she is against him.)He then tries to turn the heroes to the dark side & end up as the final 3. Hmmmm…that could work.

Until next time, I have spoken, Randi

PS I am too tired to edit so just correct it as you read……

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