Thor: The Newest Photo of Chris Hemsworth in Character

George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) in his new Costume as Thor!

Photo by Mark Fellman/Paramount Pictures

Survivor: Hook Line and Sinker!

So…I was finally able to watch Survivor online tonight. I worked so hard not to know the outcome before watching it – went all day without finding out & then when I got to the site tonight to watch it, I couldn’t help but notice… So…I knew who was out ahead of time & even though it was no surprise, it gives you a skewed perspective while you are watching it all go down.

Let’s just get one thing straight – Russell (Evil Troll Russell) is a villain, no need to discuss it, he is a villain or a snake or a weasel. We all know it. He is also a very good player. It’s like a friend of mine said, “Liking Russell is like having a crush on your cousin, you know you shouldn’t but you do anyway”. (That makes me laugh everytime I think about it.) I also think that even though ETR is a villain & an insane player, this episode did not have him driving the tribe. He had his moments but he wasn’t really the star.

Because the teams started the evening with a 5-5 tribe member tie, the real battle has just started. Who will be voted out tonight? (Cue the music!)

Heroes – It’s day 25 & they are all waiting for something to happen. A box showed up at treemail for the heroes along with a note saying not to open it until company arrived with a key. Ummm, 1 guess who the company was…yep, those darn villains. Turns out they received the key & a map to head over to the hero camp. Before hitting the trail to head over to the new merge camp, the villains decide to finalize what they will tell the heroes about what went down at tribal with the hidden idol JT sent over. It seems they thought of every detail – except that Sandra would be hiding in the trees listening to every word. (Note to self, she’s a villain for a reason too.)

The villains head over to the hero camp with Parvati & ETR – the king & queen leading the way. They both still have idols at this point but the heroes assume that there are no idols left in play. At first they are stunned to see Parvati still in the game & think that ETR has been sent packing. They open the box to see food, new buffs, & supplies to make a flag with their new tribe name. It was a little bit funny how upset Rupert was when Jerri suggested that they be called ALL VILLAINS. He thought they should choose something good & positive & even though I agree with him, it’s funny to think back to his original season & remember when he stole shoes to trade from the other tribe. One might think he could have been a villain at one time – I’m just saying. I believe Colby should have stuck with his original idea that they are still 2 tribes because no matter what, they still are – make no bones about it.

ETR does his best to spin the tribal council tale for Rupert & JT. I must admit that he was fairly convincing until he did the ol’ “I swear on my kids” line. Why do they do that? Sends up a red flag every time. He tells them that he is on board with them all the way. Poor JT is captivated by his “country boy charm”. Rupert does a little trip in his mind & wonders even if for just a moment that ETR just might not be telling the truth – hmmmm… ETR is sure that they are buying his story – “Hook, Line & Sinker”, biting everything he’s telling them.

Too bad Sandra didn’t get to Rupert earlier so that he would have had a better chance to convince JT that ETR should not be trusted. She works quickly to get the truth out & let’s him know that some forgive & forget but she never does. she describes ETR as the King Pin & Parvati as his right hand man. She’s surely looking for revenge & wants him to know that the women ar not running the show. Again, Rupert pauses to wonder if they are getting played or not. This is certainly where the game gets crazy.

Rupert hatches a plan to just see if perhaps ETR is telling the truth. After all, “he’s on the villain side for a reason”. They decide that they will go along with ETR until the last minute, then change their votes. JT & Amanda trust ETR but agree to go along with Rupert’s paranoia. JT is convinced that he needs to be making all of Rupert’s strategic decisions. He asks Rupert, “Do you believe Sandra OR the obvious truth?”. JT feels secure.

Amanda talked to Parvati & works hard to make her believe that she is in danger. I am afraid that Amanda way over-acted that one. Parvati spotted to lies from a mile away. She let’s her know that she is targetting Sandra & trying to save her. They share a secret handshake & an “I trust you”. (Again with the trust – I know y’all have seen the game before – heck you even played it at least one other time!)

They decide that their new name will be Yin Yang, but the truth is you know that they are still tribes divided.

Immunity challenge – individual immunity – up for grabs! They had to climb to the top of a pole with foot grooves evenly spaced all the way down. They were to hang onto that pole for as long as they could. Last one hanging would receive individual immunity. They all started falling almost immediately – Colby, Sandra, ETR, Rupert, Amanda, JT, Jerri, Candice (favored to win & quit with no warning), Parvati’s one foot hang was amazing to me – she made it look way too easy. She & Danielle were the final 2 & they both looked like they could hang there forever. In the end, Danielle says to Parvati, “You have the idol” & Parvati forfeits the victory to Danielle. After 27 days, one of them will be going home. Rupert is sure that Parvati has the idol as she was so willing to just give the victory over to Danielle. He then wants to oust ETR for the weasel that he is….promises, promises.

ETR’s Plan A for tribal was to give his, I mean JT’s idol to Parvati – AGAIN. There is no Plan B. He just knows that in order for him to stay in the game, he needs to keep his 4 girls safe. He wants to go after JT for sure. Parvati was thrilled with her 2 idols insuring her safety for tonight & for the rest of the game. She’s happy to be the most dangerous player out there. Amanda works on Parvati one more time to convince her to play her idol “just in case”. Parvati let her know that it is going to get messy & again she knows that Amanda is lying.

At tribal – The jury looked fabulous – just like Courtney had hoped they would. (Watch Ponderosa) Jeff started tribal council by asking Rupert about camp life. He wanted to talk about the adjustments & banana etiquette again but ETR shut that down flat & just wanted to PLAY THE GAME. He knows that the vote is the most important thing but he doesn’t quite know just how important yet. JT expresses his fear of being in danger because no one talked to him. ETR tries to tell them that he talked to everyone – more so the hero tribe. Sandra wanted to say that they all got along & that she did no strategy talk. Parvati also talks about feeling left out much like a lepper – Laughed out loud when Jeff asked if she was just used to getting attention? Ha! She made it clear that she knows she’s a threat. Colby’s view of Parvati was that maybe they all just knew she’d still be there for a few days so they just didn’t offer her any attention. JT did a little idol talk – that gave me a chuckle as well – yes, knowing what was coming. AND I loved it when Coach & Courtney from the jury area both raised their hands when Jeff asked if anyone had ever seen what an idol could do. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is real comedy right there.

Next was the vote & I had to laugh again when ETR said to JT when he was voting “real dumb move – gotta vote you out tonight”. Also loved when Courtney said “If that little troll plays an idol…”. (I’m not the only one thinking he’s a troll.)

AND NOW, I give you – THE MOVE of the evening by Parvati. Wow! It was nothing short of AMAZING, no other way to describe it – just AMAZING! (I’m not saying I was happy about it but you gotta love it when a good move is made & it cannot be ignored.) Jeff asked if anyone wanted to play a hidden immunity idol & Parvati spoke right up. She wasted no time pulling out both idols & WAIT FOR IT! She gave one to Jerri & one to Sandra!!! No kidding, they all seemed to do that Fred Flintstone shake your head back & forth super fast thing when she did that. I watched it 3 times because I just could not believe it happened. I was not alone either because just as I was having trouble processing it so was ETR – not to mention the entire hero tribe as well. Wow! It kind of made me tired trying to etch it in my brain. Cannot believe it – absolutely Survivor history. She certainly was instrumental in increasing the villain tribe’s odds. So tonight, Parvati was the Fairy God Mother, granting wishes all around. Rupert’s famous last words – “I knew we shouldn’t have trusted that___________”. So in the end since all 5 of Jerri’s votes did not count, JT was sent home under the power of his own idol. He beat himself for sure. Can’t wait to see what happens between ETR & Parvati because he let her know in no uncertain terms that she had some explaining to do. (He doesn’t like it when he’s not in total control! Parvati, Beware!)

Jeff’s final words – “In a game full of crazy moves, that was the craziest but you know better than anybody, anything can & will probably happen in this game”. (There’s the understatement of the season.) JT offers ETR a “well done” on his way out but it is sad for all of them because they all now the villains now have the upper hand.

Next Time – ETR loses control of the alliance & Sandra takes control. She seems willing to go after ETR with Rupert. This should be good.

I was amused by some of JT’s comments – “I was voted out by my own idol. It was do or die & I died tonight. I went from hero to zero tonight”. Hilarious! I love that guy even though he was fooled by smoke & mirrors this time.

Until next time, I have spoken, Randi

You Don’t Hand the Idol to the Enemy!

11 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

I loved the opening vision that Sandra set up of Coach looking to the sky wondering where it went wrong. Ha! I also thought that Jerri deserved all of the panic she was feeling. It’s a little late to wonder “Am I next?”. IF she ONLY trusted Coach then why did she flip to ETR (Evil Troll Russell)? THEN, why is she trusting ETR again & asking him if he knew Coach was going. REALLY? You don’t think he knew? Jerri, what did you think when ETR said with no conviction at all “Ummmm, well, I had a feeling….” He assures her that Sandra & Courtney were next to go. Do you trust him now???

I remember that endurance challenge from last time – I thought it was grueling then & I knew it would be grueling this time as well. It is truly a test of endurance & a threshold for pain. You stand between 2 walls with your feet on little footholds. Each 10 minutes, you have to step down to 2 smaller footholds. When you reach the third & final set of tiny footholds you remain there until the challenge has ended. Winning tribe get to pig out on yummy food from Outback Steakhouse. You can see it in everyone’s eyes how desperately they want that feast. The interesting part of the challenge is that they had to rank their tribe members strongest to least to go head to head against someone from the other tribe. Interesting how they tried to “play the game”. The villains had the right idea by letting the girls play & sitting ETR out – brilliant. They were also pretty sure about the heroes & knowing that egos would come into play. Of course they had no choices about who to sit out because they all had to participate & I am not sure if it would have really mattered if they had ordered them differently. I just thought it was funny that they were caught up in the pride of it all. I was suprised that Rupert thought he would be so good at it. It was evident that he would not be able to outlast anyone. I believe that he might be stronger than all the folks left but not for this challenge. I am so sure that this was just an awful challenge. Ugh! They were paired – Danielle & Candice, Courtney & Amanda, JT & Parvati, Jerri & Colby & Sandra & Rupert. (Didn’t understand the “love ya” message between Sandra & Rupert) I found the “Hang in there” message to ETR a bit over the top. JT is absolutely playing with fire. I might believe that the “Russell Seed” has been planted & it’s taking root. Oh MY! When 20 minutes had passed at the challenge, all 10 players were still in, then slowly one by one they started to drop. 1st Colby dropped & the villains scored 1, then Rupert dropped & the villains scored the second point, finally Amanda dropped & the villains scored their final point for the win. After 4 straight wins the Heroes were sent back to camp with nothing.

At the Outback feast they enjoy food & drink & I am sure that they are feeling really refreshed. When Parvati picked up her napkin, she found a clue for the hidden immunity idol. No one else saw it & she was able to keep it concealed. I thought the whole “girl alliance” discussion was so interesting. Once again like in seasons past, why don’t they realize that they could pull together & have an all girl alliance & oust ETR? Wouldn’t that be the best blindside ever? AND why did they think that it was so funny that there is not an all girl alliance & that ETR is in control & they just follow him like little puppy dogs. Wake up, ladies, YOU could be in charge! During dinner, Parvati decides that she needs to visit the facilities & Danielle goes with her. I thought that at that time, Sandra looked suspicious. When they got to the bottom of the stairs, Parvati showed Danielle the clue. She is sure that by showing it to her, in the end she will be more loyal to her & be in her camp. They decide that ETR will be included on a “need to know” basis & right now – “he don’t need to know”.

At the Hero camp JT “don’t care about steak”. That made me laugh because no one else seemed to be riding on that float with him. I think they would have all enjoyed a nice juicy steak. All of a sudden JT comes up with some crazy plan to bring ETR over to their side. If they win the challenge, he will give the idol wrapped with a note to ETR & “save” him from the all girl alliance. Then ETR will be so indebted to them that he will align with them during the merge, pick off all the girls one by one & they will all live happily ever after. Ha! The first one he wants him to doublecross is Parvati. Really this sounds like a good plan IF they had the facts. Poor JT, you have read it all wrong. Amanda seems to be the only one with a lick of sense. I think she was the only one who even considered that they might not know exactly what is going on over at the villain camp. Ugh! The upside for the Hero camp is that then JT won’t have the idol anymore.

At the villain camp, Danielle & Parvati journey out on their own in secret to find the hidden idol using the clue. They are trying to stay “under the radar” so they head out early with a giant shovel to find the idol. Really? Shovel? That’s not obvious at all. “Hello, Captain Obvious?”. They do find the idol & Parvati is “the happiest girl in the world”. I do not think they ever saw ETR lurking under the bridge now did they? They are still going to keep him out of the loop for a while longer. (Or so they think) He is NOT the king of survivor according to Parvati, she is the queen & besides all that, she knows that the king does what the queen says. Ha! “Off with someone’s head!”. LOVED ETR’s “close up” when he was watching them find the idol.

JT spends some time writing his note to ETR with his master plan. One thing is for sure – he is making Survivor History, I’m just not sure this is how he wants to be remembered. If it works, it’s a great plan but if it doesn’t….. Based on what the heroes see, they are sure that ETR is on the outs. If he can be rescued they could have the numbers when they merge. Hmmm….this seems like a heck of a lot of “ifs”.

Immunity Challenge – Tribes start the challenge out on a platform in the water. They have to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces & move them attached to a rope through obstacles to the beach. When all 5 bags have been retrieved, they can open the bags & solve the puzzle for the win. Starting with Rupert, the heroes take the lead & lead the entire time. Of course we all know that does not secure a victory for the heroes because they aren’t always victorious when it comes to puzzles. Fortunately this time it pays off. The final 2 left on the platforms at the end were Colby & ETR. Colby used that time to let ETR in on the plan & let him know that he needs to see JT after the challenge. I cannot imagine how ETR was feeling knowing that he was about to receive such a gift. Indeed the heroes won & JT passed the idol & note off to ETR. I believe ETR’s exact words were – “I don’t even have to find idols, people are giving them to me. You don’t hand the enemy idols, especially when his name is Russell Hanz. That’s a “no-no”.”

The Heroes are so proud of themselves. They did it! They got the idol to ETR & they are certain that he is going to be on their side & they are going to make Survivor history with this one. (Yep, you’re gonna make history for sure)

I was sick when I saw ETR & Parvati together reading JT’s note. How do you give the idol to the idol king? ETR is thinking that JT just handed him a million dollars. (He just may have…) They laughed their heads off when they read the “hopefully you’re not truly a villain” part. Parvati described it this way – “JT gave Russell his heart & Russell stabbed it a million times & then gave it to me & I ate it”. Man! That is cold-blooded!

Sandra & Courtney are sad because they know one of them is going next. Sandra without Courtney feels like it would be like rice without beans. Courtney talks to Parvati about wanting to stay but she does not want to throw Sandra under the bus. Parvati would like to keep Courtney because once again she thinks she would try to keep her safe in the end and she thinks she can keep her “in check” more.

ETR decides to show the idol around his camp. They all get a big laugh out of it.

At tribal, the jury aka Coach came in looking like a Samarai warrior.

Sandra & Courtney know that they are both on the block. They debated about who each person followed – Boston Rob’s girls or Evil Troll Russell’s girls. In the end it does come down to the final alliances.There was also some talk about Jerri’s jump just in time. She wanted them to know that she wasn’t with any alliance. Really, Jerri? Ummm-what exactly have I been watching these last few weeks?

The vote offered no surprises & they sent Courtney to the Ponderosa. The truth is, I think she did need to go, the girl needs a sandwich!!! (Sorry girls, you are going to wait too long & then it will be too late to send ETR home.

Jeff – “Time will tell if you made the right vote tonight. The tribes are now even 5 for the villains & 5 for the heroes.

Next time – the 5 heroes & 5 villains will collide. This is where the game gets crazy – looking like a merge.

Until next time, I have spoken, Randi

Kick Ass, kicks ass!

Being the comic nerd that I am, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that I will be attending just about every movie related to comic books. This being said, I was curious about seeing “Kick-Ass” because I really didn’t know anything about it. Pretty much anyone that is a fan of comics will tell you that “of course” they’ve fantasized about being a super hero, who hasn’t?? However, how many people do you know that have decided to dress up in a costume and go out to fight evil and uphold justice???? None, that’s how many. “But I don’t have an ability” would be the follow up response. Neither does Batman, yet he took matters in his own hands and is delivering his own kind of justice in Gotham. So, this begs the question, “Will anyone ever decide to become a superhero themselves and eradicate evil that is slowly overtaking the world?” This is exactly what “Kick-Ass” is all about.
Our hero Dave Lizewski, played here brilliantly by newcomer Aaron Johnson, is your average nerdy teenager. He reads comics, has issues talking to girls, hangs around others like himself, and has dreams of being something more than he is. So, one day he gets the bright idea of getting a wet suit and turning himself into a super hero that has absolutely no power but who wants to help out with any crimes he may witness. Needless to say, his first attempt almost becomes his last when he gets his ass kicked and almost killed by two thugs trying to steal a car. He is sent to the hospital where he has to have numerous metal rods implanted on many of his broken bones. When he fully recovers he realizes that the metal has made him stronger and the surgeries have almost deadened his nerve endings. So, in his mind, he almost has an ability and decides to continue in his pursuits.
Along the way Dave meets a few others like himself, just ordinary people who put on costumes in order to take out the evil of the world, however they are far better trained and are armed to the teeth. This dynamic duo is Hit Girl and Big Daddy, a father/daughter team played by Chloe Moretz and Nicolas Cage. I would rather not go into the rest of the story when they come into the picture, because honestly I think the less you know going in the better it will be. However, I will say that every scene that Chloe appears, she absolutely steals the show!! That is one 11 year old that I would not want to mess with.
I really can’t say enough good things about this film. I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down and when I got up my mind was reeling from everything I just witnessed. This movie completely lived up to its name. A lot of people have told me that they thought this would be a stupid kids movie or spoof, let me say right now that it is not and is not appropriate for kids. This is very much an adult movie that deals with adult themes and this has a lot of blood and death. So, know this going in, but go support this movie and hopefully Hollywood will realize that this is the kind of adult comic film that the population is hoping to see more often. A-


Clash of the Titans, Gets a….

I was under the impression that the only reason someone would re-make a movie or story line that had been made previously was because they felt as if they could improve upon what had been done before. So, when I heard about a re-telling of Clash of the Titans, I assumed that they were going to put a new spin on it and try to improve upon the thirty year old classic. I mean, given all that they can do now-a-days in visual effects, the idea of an incredibly realistic Medusa and Kraken is exciting and should be awesome, right???
I am a huge fan of the original Clash of the Titans. It might be because of my age at the time it came out, 6, and the fact that it really was a great film to spark the imagination of a kid. Also, the visual effects at the time were quite effective and it showed Ray Harryhausen’s work at its best. When I heard a retelling of this classic was in the works, I thought that this was one story that could use a nice upgrade. Granted, the cast was pretty top-notch, and the effects were cool for its time, but it was going to be interesting to see the Greek mythological world updated with today visual effects. Now that I have seen it, I can say that while it was entertaining enough and had some cool scenes, the film overall paled in comparison with the original and had a climax that was less than satisfying.
I’m sure most of you know the basic story is about Perseus, the mortal son of Zeus, who denies his birthright of becoming a god himself to live among the mortals. He is raised by a fisherman and his family and who raises him as their own. The family is then killed by Hades as a war erupts between the gods and humanity. Perseus then seeks vengeance for the death of his family and goes on a quest to defeat the Kraken, Hades’ pet monster, and in turn overthrow Hades’ attempt to overtake Zeus as the supreme god of them all. Granted, this is fairly different from the original story line as Hades was not in the movie what so ever and Perseus wanted to defeat the Kraken in order to save his love Andromeda. One thing that I did like more about this film is that the story of the gods themselves is told including the back story of Io, Medusa, Poseidon, Zeus and Hades. They also do a very good job of building up to the climactic battle with the Kraken. The big problem I had with the film is the fact that they build up to the final battle goes on for a good hour and forty five minutes, then when the Kraken appears on the screen, the battle lasts all of five minutes. Why have such a build up to the end of the movie only to make it shorter than other sequences in the film? Also, why even have Hades in this version but not have he and Zeus battle it out with one another?
All in all, I would recommend this film to anyone that enjoyed the original. In fact, some people may even like this one more. I however have very fond memories of the original and this version did nothing to overtake the first film in my heart. I did not see the 3D version as I heard a great many complaints about how terrible the conversion was. How about you guys? Anyone out there see it in 3D? What did you think? Let me know!!