The Wolfman Movie Review

wolfmanI wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I went in to see “The Wolfman”. I know that all of the trailers really caught my attention and that this character is one of the most famous of the classic horror monsters. However I know that this film has been delayed many times over due to issues with the director, changes with the music composer, and fixing some script problems. Delays of this nature usually mean a production is in trouble and the studio is trying to do what it can in order to recoup their investment. What ultimately came to the theater was a film that looked great but had a story that was at times very predictable and brought nothing new to this character that so many people are familiar with.
This film has an all star cast consisting of Anthony Hopkins, Benicio del Toro, Hugo Weaving and Emily Blunt. Unfortunately they were not given a very exciting script to work with. It seemed like there was so much talent on the screen that wasn’t being used in an appropriate way. That’s not to say that the script itself was bad, but it was very predictable and did nothing to bring this legendary and iconic character into the 21st century. I’d go into script details, but from what you’ve seen on the trailers and commercials, you’ve probably figured out the plot anyway.
I was pleasantly surprised by how graphic and dark this film is. One would think going into the theater that the gore would be toned down for the PG-13 group, but instead they go with a hard R rating and keep the blood and terror intact. There were numerous times that the audience noticeably jumped and there were even a few screams throughout. The other thing that took me by surprise and was actually what I enjoyed most about the film was the look and mood. From the costumes, to the set and cinematography, this film looked amazing and is about as close as you can get to film noir these days. They also created the perfect mood and atmosphere to set your nerves on end and make you wonder what lurks in the dark. If they had spent as much time and dedication to the script as they did to the story, this film would have been amazing.
For those of you out there that enjoy horror movies or thrillers, I would definitely say that this film is worth checking out. I enjoyed the movie myself and was pleasantly surprised by a number of aspects of this film. This would have been a perfect film to have released around Halloween to get you into the spirit of the holiday and bring out everyone’s inner Wolfman.

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