The Fourth Kind Movie Review

the_fourth_kind-bigHow many of us have wondered if life exists elsewhere in the galaxy apart from Earth? I know that I have certainly thought about that and will always be curious if we’ll ever have concrete confirmation of this. I have always been a believer in the paranormal and extra-terrestrial. There have just been too many cases of people that have had encounters, experiences, visuals and phenomenon happen to them. After watching “The Forth Kind”, I am convinced that there are things happening in this world that most refuse to understand but give us proof of other worldly life.
I must admit that when I saw previews of this movie, I wasn’t quite certain what to make of it. Was it about possession? Was it a documentary? Was it going to be lame, scary, creepy or just a waste of time? It is a movie about a psychologist in Alaska that is following up on her dead husband’s research of unusual shared dreams happening in Nome, Alaska. What’s unusual about the film is that there is real live footage of the Doctor the movie is about cut into scenes depicting what has happened to her through this time of her life. There is footage of her meeting with some of her patients as they describe strange things that they have been dreaming and seemingly re-live some of their experiences during their session with the doctor. Truly some of the actual footage was obviously not fake, and the things that happen to her and her patients are truly terrifying.
It would seem that aliens are using the population of Nome as test subjects. Most of the people that are tested upon never realize that they have been taken. It seems that some of them share the same dream of an owl and are complaining of not being able to sleep. So, some of them decided to seek help with a local psychologist. During their session, the doctor is places her patients under a mild hypnosis. When she begins to question them about their dreams and memories, they then start to remember being taken away and experimented on. Unfortunately the remembering of these events drives some of the patients over the edge. One of them decides to hold their family hostage and call the doctor and police and then kills his family and himself because he can’t cope with the experience.
I must admit that this movie was highly disturbing. The footage shown from these experiences will make you question whether you believe these events or not. Seeing a man floating above his bed and seeing the doctor’s face and body being contorted while under the hypnosis is truly frightening. Anyone who has an interest or belief in the paranormal should see this film and take their skeptic friends with them.